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Simple Fourth of July Recipes

Fourth of July will be here before you know it. And if you’re planning a barbecue or even going to one, you’re probably looking for Simple Fourth of July recipes.

I always want simple recipe, but during summer I find that to be true even more. With the weather so nice, I don’t like to spend as much time in the kitchen as I do in the fall or winter. So simple Fourth if July recipes are key to enjoying the holiday! I’m rounding up a dozen simple Fourth of July recipes that you can make for your party or even bring to a potluck!

simple fourth of july recipes

Simple Fourth of July Recipes

chocolate berry flag cake
Chocolate Berry Flag Cake
The perfect cake for Fourth of July! While most flag cake recipes will use vanilla cake, I use chocolate in this as I love the chocolate cake paired with fresh berries. This moist chocolate sheet cake is topped with whipped cream frosting and fresh blueberries and raspberries!
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healthy ranch pasta salad
Healthy Ranch Pasta Salad
If you’re headed to a barbecue and want to bring something, this Healthy Ranch Pasta Salad is a great dish to bring to potluck! I love this easy summer pasta salad as it's ranch flavored for a simple and delicious recipe that both kids and adults will love!
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blueberry almond galette
Blueberry Almond Galette
It’s not the Fourth of July without pie! This Blueberry Almond Galette is my favorite pie to date (yes of all the pies ever!). Galettes are just a pie without a pie dish, making them even more delicious and rustic, which is partly why I love them. This a great recipe to make ahead of time too, making it one of the simple Fourth of July recipes.
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grilled bbq chicken on a platter
Grilled BBQ Chicken
Grilling is a Fourth of July must! This easy Grilled BBQ Chicken makes dinner easy and delicious. This recipe goes well with so many sides, it’s a true crowd pleaser! This dish takes no time at all, just grab your favorite BBQ sauce and some drumsticks and you’re ready to grill.
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simple strawberry shortcake cupcakes, strawberry shortcake without butter
Simple Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes
This recipe for Simple Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes makes for an easy way to have individual little strawberry shortcakes! That makes this perfect for a Fourth of July celebration.
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brown sugar honey apple pie
Brown Sugar Honey Apple Pie
It's not the Fourth of July without pie! This simple Brown Sugar Honey Apple Pie is a delicious twist on classic apple with the addition of honey. Bring a pint of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate dessert.
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chili lime chicken avocado burger on a plate
Chili Lime Chicken Avocado Burgers
Try this spin on classic burgers! These Chili Lime Chicken Avocado Burgers use a mix of ground chicken and ground pork for a flavorful burger that's topped with cheese and avocado.
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eggless chocolate caramel smore bars
Chocolate Caramel S'More Bars
Make S'Mores easy with this recipe for Chocolate Caramel S'More Bars, no bonfire needed!
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quick homemade coleslaw recipe
Quick Homemade Coleslaw
This Quick Homemade Coleslaw is a fast and easy recipe to make for a barbecue! This simple side dish is a huge crowd pleaser and it goes well with burgers, chicken, steaks, and more.
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homemade sourdough hot dog buns, hot dog buns with sourdough discard
Homemade Sourdough Hot Dog Buns
Elevate your barbecue with Homemade Sourdough Hot Dog Buns using sourdough discard. This delicious recipe can be served with hot dogs, turkey dogs, sausages, and brats!
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pound cake without leavening, traditional butter pound cake recipe,
Traditional Butter Pound Cake
This simple recipe for Traditional Butter Pound Cake is the perfect Fourth of July snack cake! I developed this recipe from a cake that I ate on Fourth of July growing up, so pound cake is always a must on Fourth of July for me!
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real simple corn salad
Real Simple Corn Salad
This Real Simple Corn Salad uses fresh in season corn for a delicious and light side dish. This recipe pairs well with chicken, steaks, hot dogs, and more.
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