About Effortless Eggless Baking

About Effortless Eggless Baking

My latest book, Effortless Eggless Baking, shares easy recipes without eggs that use ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

I love baking without eggs because eggless cookies can actually be softer and chewier than those with eggs! Eggs are made up of mostly egg whites, which is made up of mostly water, and water can dry out baked goods. So, eggless baking can yield softer, chewier versions of your favorite bakes!

Whether you have an egg allergy, or just run out of eggs, Effortless Eggless Baking has recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth! Everything from breakfast pastries, to cookies, cakes, pies, and more. The recipes in this book are on repeat in my kitchen, as someone who can eat eggs!

“Mimi does an incredible job explaining why and how we can bake delicious treats without eggs. There are also a ton of substitutions for vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and even high-altitude baking, perfect for those of us with dietary restrictions. From Baked French Toast to Chocolate Pecan Babka, from Strawberry Basil Mini Pies to a Peanut Butter S’mores Tart... there’s something for everyone to drool over and devour.”
— Rachel Connors, author of Bakerita
About the Mountain Baker

About the Mountain Baker

Cooking and baking at high altitude can be a challenge. But, not when you have The Mountain Baker in your kitchen! I operated my bake shop at an altitude of 8,000 feet, making me an expert at baking above sea level.

Together, with my friend Kimmy Fasani who opened the bakery with me, we curated some of our favorite recipes for cozy mountain living, après ski, or even if you want to transport yourself to mountain bliss from the comfort of your own home that’s at sea level. You can bake with confidence no matter where you live with this book!

The recipes in this book are inspired by the beautiful mountains we call home in Mammoth Lakes, California and living that mountain lifestyle.

Dive into sweet and savory recipes alongisde snacks that are perfect for stuffing your pockets for a long day on the mountain or a hike on a trail with your dog.

With vegan and gluten free options alongside hearty dishes with meat and homemade bread, there is something in this book for every kind of mountain enthusiast! Whether you live at high altitude or at sea level, cook and bake with confidence with The Mountain Baker.

“Tried-and-tested recipes made for the 21st-century outdoor adventurer!”
About Cookies for Everyone

About Cookies for Everyone

Cookies for Everyone is my first book that includes all kinds of cookies. From soft and chewy cookies, sandwich cookies, French macarons, biscotti and more! If you’re vegan, gluten free, or even baking at high altitude — there is a cookie in this book for everyone!

Many of the recipes were best sellers at my bake shop, and ones that they still make today even though I am no longer the one baking them.

The recipes in this book are classic, nostalgic, and innovative. No matter what knid of cookie you’re craving, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with one of my recipes!

This book has a baking 101 approach wher each chapter dives into a specific type of cookie. With tips and tricks from a former bakery owner, you’ll learn how to bake cookies like a pro!

“Mimi's creativity and unique flavors combination have always inspired me to be creative in my own kitchen. I am so happy to see some of Mimi's classic flavors mixed in with new and exciting flavors. I can't wait to dig into Cookies for Everyone. The hardest part will be deciding what to make first.”
— Julianne Dell, author of No-Bake Treats