In 2011 I opened the first organic brick and mortar bake shop in the country, and all we sold were cookies! I worked there alone for the first year, doing everything from baking, customer service, answering the phone, dishes, social media, and more. When I was consistently unhappy with food photos taken by others for my bake shop website, my husband bought me a camera and encouraged me to do it myself. 

Since then I have been sharing recipes and my love for organic and sustainable food. I believe that by choosing organic ingredients, in combination with the right recipe, you can change how you eat for the better – without missing a thing. My recipes, writing, and photography led me to write three cookbooks, Cookies for Everyone, The Mountain Bakerand Effortless Eggless Baking. And I shot the photos for all!

woman wearing cookies make me happy t shirt

I am a self taught baker who has always loved sweets. I grew up in a very healthy household, so for me it’s all about balance. I truly enjoy eating healthy, and I also eat dessert every day! While working my corporate job at Roxy in Huntington Beach, I would bake cookies every weekend and bring them to the office come Monday morning.

I met my husband, Delaney, at Quiksilver, and we both worked there for over five years. We decided to take a chance on ourselves and leave the action sports industry (the industry we both grew up in). Leaving our corporate jobs with health insurance, 401K, and amazing benefits in an industry we both love, was a really tough decision to make. 

woman in the kitchen with olive oil and a tray of veggies

But, we both started our own businesses, and have been doing that ever since. I retired from the bakery industry after ten years, and I sold my bake shop in 2021. And, that’s when I started this blog so I could continue to share my love of organic food with you!

I now spend all my time on recipe development, writing, and food photography at our agency Above 8000 Creative. I also do consulting for bakeries and restaurants, everything from startups to menu writing, costing, and branding. If you’d like to work with me, please drop me a line here, hello@mimisorganiceats.com. I’d love to discuss your project!

If you ever have a question about one of my recipes, please don't hesitate to reach out! If you need help sourcing an organic ingredient, I would love to share my favorites with you! Or if you just want to drop a note to say hi, my favorite topics are food, dogs, and hilarious movies. Send me an email at hello@mimisorganiceats.com or message me on Instagram.

Fun Facts About Me

Mimi Council in the kitchen

My favorite dessert to eat is… cookies! It should be no surprise that it’s cookies! I can eat cookies all day, every day, and never be sad about it. I even struggle to decide sometimes if I want to even choose something else besides a cookie!

I also founded my business on cookies alone, and cookies were what I wrote my first book about! Check out Cookies for Everyone.

There isn't an occasion when cookies are not appropriate, and there is a cookie out there for everyone! Check out my cookie recipes.

My favorite dessert to bake is… pie. I really love baking pies. I love rolling them out and seeing them come to life in the oven. Plus, I feel like I can never make a perfect pie, so it’s something I am still working on. Those women that make the picture perfect pies with straight lattice lines, I don’t know how they do it!

My favorite holiday is… hands down Christmas. I was lucky to have amazing Christmas’s as a child and those memories have forever made me obsessed with that time of year. Thanks Mom and Dad for always going above and beyond, because nothing is more special than Christmas. But, Valentine's Day is a close second because it's a made up holiday about love, what is not to love about that?!

My favorite comfort food is… toast! Yes, toast is a meal! I could eat toast for every meal and be truly happy. I have so many amazing toast recipes here like my Greek Avocado Toast, Pizza Toast, and Blueberry Honey Almond Butter Toast.

I'm a Pug mom! I grew up with Golden Retrievers. But, the first dog I bought on my own was a Pug Basset Hound mix named Otto, and he made me fall in love with Pugs. After Otto passed, we decided to get an Apricot Pug (in honor of him, as he was my best friend), and his name is John John! Find us baking together on Instagram, and check out my Dog recipes!

I come from a non baking family, for the most part. My mom made our birthday cakes each year, with higher quality dairy and a box of cake mix. But beyond that, my mom was a cook who inspired me with her love of high quality ingredients, good food, and a balance of healthy and indulgence. With the exception of my YiaYia’s Greek cookies at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter – no one baked sweets!

So, baking was something I learned on my own as I didn’t have family to teach me that much. I think I fell in love with the creativity and the trial and error part, as that feeling you get when you get it right is truly unreal. 

My favorite food memory is… eating pound cake with my hands straight off the table at my Aunt Marina's famous Fourth of July parties. Sandy feet, sun kissed face, and a tummy full of grilled chicken and pound cake. I have recreated this recipe as my Traditional Butter Pound Cake, give it a try!

I have 48 plants in my house. Yes! It’s true. We lived in a dark condo for almost 10 years while we saved up to build our house, and I couldn’t keep a single plant alive in that condo. So I make up for it now.

My Favorite Recipes