Why Organic

Why Choose Organic Ingredients?

Why Choose Organic Ingredients?

Organic food, farming, and sustainability are very important to me. I founded the first organic brick and mortar bakery in the country and ran it for over 10 years until I sold it to focus on this blog. We eat solely organic in our house and put importance on sustainability and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

So, of course my recipes are all made with organic ingredients. When using one of my recipes I list the exact organic ingredients that I used, incase you want to check them out!

I believe organic goes beyond just a label, it’s a way of life. Not taking shortcuts and not using processed or packaged ingredients go hand in hand with living organically. So you can count on my recipes to have minimal ingredients, no boxed mixes, and no shortcuts that will sacrifice flavor or health. Just pure and simple food for healthy eating and indulgence, because you gotta have both in life!

If you would like to start your organic journey, download my free guide, How to Eat Organic The Ultimate Guide. In this free guide, I share my own organic journey and simple action items you can take to slowly change the way you eat for the better. I also share shopping tips and tricks for eating organic on a budget as well as some of my favorite brands and foods.


Do I need to use organic ingredients?

All the recipes on this site were made using organic ingredients. While I hope you’ll choose organic ingredients, you can make them with conventional ingredients as well. They may look or taste a bit different, but the recipe will still work!

What is your favorite organic butter?

It should be no surprise it’s Organic Valley Salted Butter. I use it for everything — savory and sweet!

What is your favorite organic sugar?

I like a few brands, Florida Crystals stands out as they’re the first certified regenerative organic sugar! I also used Wholesome at my bakery for years and I’m a fan of their sugar and other sugar products like molasses, corn syrup, and honey. If you’re on a budget, check out Costco as they have organic cane sugar too!

What is your favorite organic flour?

Cairinapring Mills is a small flour mill up in Washington that makes fresh milled flour. This is my favorite all purpose flour and what I use all the time.

Do you miss anything now that you eat totally organic?

No! I don’t miss anything and I feel amazing knowing I can eat all the things I love each day and not sacrifice my health for them. You can find organic versions of literally everything these days. If you need help souring one of our favorite things organic, email me, I bet I got you covered.