10 Simple Spring Cakes

Lifestyle Recipe Roundups | Published April 17, 2023 by Mimi Council

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With spring here, you may be looking for light and fruity cakes to bake for all your spring celebrations. Easter, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day – these spring holidays are all cake worthy!

Plus, I feel like spring is unofficial cake season. Where everyone knows that Christmas is cookie season, Thanksgiving is pie season, I feel like spring gets to be cake season. I’m just always craving cakes in the spring and I want to add all the fresh berries onto light and fluffy cakes to enjoy for any old reason at all!

So, I’ve put together a roundup of 10 Simple Spring Cakes that will be perfect for any spring celebration! Check out my top 10 Simple Spring Cakes and welcome spring with a tender and fluffy cake topped with frosting and fresh fruit!

strawberry donut pound cake

10 Simple Spring Cakes


pound cake without leavening, traditional butter pound cake recipe,
Traditional Butter Pound Cake
My Traditional Butter Pound Cake is the perfect spring cake. This little loaf cake is buttery, dense, sweet, and moist. It can be topped with simple powdered sugar or you can add fresh berries! Strawberries, blueberries, and cherries are all in season right now and they’d all be amazing toppings for this beautiful cake that is the perfect pairing with afternoon tea.
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orange carrot ginger cake
Orange Carrot Ginger Cake
My Orange Carrot Ginger Cake is an amazing spring cake. I add ginger and orange to a classic carrot cake that’s filled with cream cheese frosting for light and zesty carrot cake that you are sure to love!
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strawberry donut pound cake
Strawberry Donut Pound Cake
My Strawberry Donut Pound Cake is buttery, rich, and tastes just like a strawberry donut with sprinkles! This cake is made in a bundt pan so it looks just like a giant strawberry donut. I love this cake for spring as it is light and sweet. It makes a perfect cake for Sunday morning!
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best meyer lemon pound cake
Best Meyer Lemon Pound Cake
As citrus season comes to an end, if you have Meyer lemons around still, this Meyer Lemon Pound Cake is an amazing cake for spring. Pair with afternoon tea for a light and sweet treat.
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earl grey lemon cupcakes
Earl Grey Lemon Cupcakes
When you want a petite cake, go for these Earl Grey Lemon Cupcakes! This easy recipe takes way less time than traditional cake is just as beautiful and delicious for a party!
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vanilla buttermilk sheet cake
Vanilla Buttermilk Sheet Cake
This Vanilla Buttermilk Sheet Cake is a twist on classic vanilla cake. This simple cake is perfect for adding any kind of fresh in season fruit!
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not too sweet lemon cake, lemon olive oil snack cake
Lemon Olive Oil Snack Cake
This simple Lemon Olive Oil Snack Cake is a one layer cake that combines zesty lemon flavor with the robust flavor of olive oil for a light and delicious cake that is perfect for spring.
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frosted carrot loaf cake
Frosted Carrot Loaf Cake
My simple Frosted Carrot Loaf Cake has a tangy cream cheese frosting. This easy cake uses carrots along with pineapple for a sweet take on carrot cake.
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honey lemon blueberry snack cake, easy spring snack cake
Honey Lemon Blueberry Snack Cake
Light and sweet, the combination of honey, lemon, and blueberries is iconic for spring! This easy one layer cake is perfect for any tea party.
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sourdough lavender lemon bundt cake, easy sourdough discard cake, simple lavender lemon cake
Sourdough Lavender Lemon Bundt Cake
This beautiful bundt cake combines the light and floral flavor of lavender with the zesty flavor of lemon. I use sourdough discard in this cake for a slight tang that is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any party!
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