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Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

My friends at Organic Valley had the sweet idea to create a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board! Homemade Dark Hot Chocolate, Whipped Cream, and little treats are the best way to serve dessert on a cozy winter night.

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hot chocolate charcuterie board

Why You'll Love This Recipe

The best thing about a charcuterie board is you can easily mix it up with whatever you like. While I added mini cookies and candied nuts, there are so many sweets and snacks that would go well with hot chocolate. You could replace any of the items I used with things like: brownies, pretzels, fruits, muffins, chocolate candy, chocolate covered nuts, and more.

This Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board serves about 4 people, so it's perfect for a double date or family Valentine's Day. I used my Dark Hot Chocolate recipe and then just added goodies to the board! You can easily change up my Dark Hot Chocolate by adding fresh mint leaves or cinnamon sticks! You can also make my Easy Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Pistachio Milk Hot Chocolate, or Vanilla Bean Steamers.

hot chocolate charcuterie board

Tips for Making the Best Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

• Have a board that fits all your goodies. Because you'll be setting up the board first, make sure you have a large enough one to house all your add ins and snacks.

• This recipe is very adaptable! You can swap out anything you like, which is what makes it so fun. You can make this different every single time if you want, so don't be afraid to use what's in your pantry.

• Store your whipped cream in the fridge while you're setting up the rest of the board. Whipped cream should be kept cold, so while you're setting up, and making the hot chocolates just keep the whipped cream in the fridge and bring out at the last minute.

hot chocolate charcuterie board

Why organic?

Why use organic ingredients in this recipe? You all know I’m a huge organic advocate, and I bet you may be thinking sometimes, Why would I even bother to use organic ingredients in something that is so sweet and indulgent? But, that is the exact reason why you should use organic ingredients! Sweet things need to have flavor in order to be good, otherwise they are just sweet and they don’t taste like much else. Organic ingredients are more pure than conventional ones, therefore they actually have more flavor than the non organic options. Say it with me, organic means more flavor! And not just more flavor but a more true and pure flavor. And organic ingredients are much healthier for you to eat in general as they do not contain GMOs or anything artificial. Plus, you are being environmentally friendly when you choose organic ingredients!

So, I highly recommend that you buy the best organic ingredients for this recipe! You can also shop my Amazon Storefront for all my favorite organic ingredients here. Tip – hover over each ingredient to see the name. And if you want to learn more about organic foods and the difference, read my post here on Food Labels and What They Mean.

hot chocolate charcuterie board

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Recipe by MimiDifficulty: Easy



This Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board is an amazing way to serve dessert in the winter time!


  • organic milk chocolate shavings

  • organic candied nuts

  • Whipped Cream

  • Organic Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

  • Organic Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies

  • organic cinnamon sticks

  • organic fresh mint

  • Dark Hot Chocolate


  • Place four of your favorite mugs on a serving board or tray.
  • Put the chocolate shavings and candied nuts into small serving bowls and place on the board.
  • Make fresh whipped cream, add to a small bowl, and add to the board. (Find recipe Whipped Cream).
  • Fill in the board with marshmallows, mini chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon sticks, and fresh mint. Get creative!
  • Lastly, make the Dark Hot Chocolate and pour into the mugs. Serve immediately, allowing everyone to add their favorite garnishes. (Note about mint: Give it one good smack to release the oils before adding to your hot chocolate.) Enjoy nuts and cookies on the side while you savor the season.


  • High Altitude – Follow the recipe as noted.
  • Chocolate Chip Mini Cookie recipe can be found in my book, Cookies for Everyone. And the Vanilla Bean Marshmallow recipe can be found in my book The Mountain Baker.

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