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Hot Chocolate Versus Hot Chocolate Milk

We are in the middle of winter and hot chocolate has probably been on your weekly menu, at least I know it has been for me! I’ve been making my Easy Peppermint Hot Chocolate or my Dark Hot Chocolate almond daily!

When you’re craving hot chocolate, what do you reach for? Do you grab a hot chocolate mix? Do you reach for the cane sugar and cocoa powder and mix it up yourself? Or do you melt chocolate into milk? There is no wrong answer here.

boozy pumpkin spice hot chocolate

All of these are amazing ways to make homemade hot chocolate and you can find organic hot chocolate mix (like Lake Champlain) or you can easily make your own with cane sugar, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, or milk chocolate. The possibilities are endless when it comes to homemade hot chocolate.

But what is the difference between hot chocolate and chocolate milk? Have you ever wondered? Is hot chocolate just chocolate milk? And can you make hot chocolate with chocolate milk? These are all valid questions and I’m answering them all today.

How do you make hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate is made by adding milk, cane sugar, and cocoa powder. Usually, Dutch cocoa powder is used, but natural could also be used. It can also include melted dark chocolate or melted milk chocolate. It really depends on the recipe. There is no right or wrong way to mix chocolate, milk, and sugar together!

After the ingredients are added, it’s put over the stovetop to heat and mix. When it’s done, you have an amazing hot mug of hot chocolate!

While some people make hot chocolate with water (not okay, sorry I have to say that), it is not the norm. If you go out to a coffee shop or look up a recipe for hot chocolate, it will include milk!

chai tea hot chocolate

How do you make chocolate milk?

Chocolate milk is made by adding milk, cane sugar, and cocoa (or melted chocolate) and it’s mixed up over high heat to combine completely. Then, it’s transferred to the fridge to cool and become the cold glass of chocolate milk that you know and love.

Some chocolate milks will also include stabilizers (like carrageenan or cornstarch) so that the chocolate doesn’t sink to the bottom. And the organic brands will usually leave that out and tell you that separation is natural, like Straus Family Creamery. They make one of my absolute favorite chocolate milks in a glass bottle. And, when you buy it, the chocolate is all on the bottom, you have to shake it up!

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Is hot chocolate just chocolate milk?

Essentially, yes. Hot chocolate can be a mix of cane sugar, cocoa powder, and/or melted chocolate. Chocolate milk can also be made up of the same ingredients. Chocolate milk is known to be a little sweeter and hot chocolate is known to be a little richer. But they are made up of the same things. So, essentially the answer is yes.

organic choolate milk

Can you make hot chocolate with chocolate milk?

Absolutely! If you have a favorite chocolate milk, then you will probably love that chocolate milk warmed up and turned into hot chocolate in minutes! You can use any chocolate milk you like, heat over the stovetop or in the microwave, and you have easy hot chocolate! That’s how I made my Easy Peppermint Hot Chocolate!

Bottom Line

Chocolate milk and hot chocolate are very similar. They are made up of the same ingredients, but their recipes may differ slightly as far as sweetness and richness. If you like a certain chocolate milk, chances are, you’ll love it warmed up as hot chocolate! So, no need to go searching for hot chocolate recipes or making a mess in the kitchen when you have chocolate milk. Simply add it to a pot and heat it up for instant hot chocolate!

boozy pumpkin spice hot chocolate

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