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Bone Broth Hot Cocoa

This Bone Broth Hot Cocoa is a healthy way to indulge in a cozy and nostalgic beverage this winter season. This recipe uses beef bone broth, maple syrup, and Dutch cocoa powder bringing together the sweetness of cocoa with the wholesome goodness of bone broth. Plus, it tastes just like the nostalgic Swiss Miss, but incredibly healthy!

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bone broth hot cocoa

Why You'll Love This Recipe

Bone Broth: The base of this Bone Broth Hot Cocoa is bone broth! So there’s no dairy in this recipe and you’ll reap the benefits of bone broth while enjoying a nostalgic and cozy drink! I use Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth (use code MIMIBAKESCOOKIES for 20% off!) for this as I feel their beef bone broth is very neutral flavor (compared to their chicken) so it works best.

Maple Syrup: I use maple syrup instead of sugar in this recipe. But you don’t even miss the sugar! This lightly sweetened hot chocolate is just sweet enough, and I kid you not – this tastes just like Swiss Miss!

Healthy Option: This is an incredibly healthy option for hot chocolate! I drink bone broth every day, in some way. And I have been loving this way to enjoy all the benefits of bone broth! Plus, I literally cannot stress this enough how much this tastes like Swiss Miss. I haven’t had Swiss Miss in I can’t even tell you how long, but it’s what I had growing up and that flavor is so nostalgic. Delaney and I both looked at each other and said Swiss Miss right when we tried this, so if you feel nostalgia for Swiss Miss, but don’t want to consume those ingredients, then this Bone Broth Hot Cocoa is it!

bone broth hot cocoa

Ingredients for Bone Broth Hot Cocoa

Kettle & Fire Organic Beef Broth (use code MIMIBAKESCOOKIES for 20% off!)

Organic Maple Syrup

NuNaturals Organic Dutch Cocoa Powder

bone broth hot cocoa

How to Make Bone Broth Hot Cocoa

Step 1

In a small pot, add the bone broth, maple syrup, and cocoa powder and put over high heat.

Step 2

Whisk until the cocoa has dissolved and the temperature is between 140°F and 160°F. Serve immediately.

bone broth hot cocoa

Tips for Bone Broth Hot Cocoa

• I use Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth for this recipe (use code MIMIBAKESCOOKIES for 20% off your order). I find their beef bone broth has a more neutral flavor and their chicken one has more spice. I prefer drinking the chicken one alone and I like to use the beef one in recipes like this where I want to change the flavor.

• I use maple syrup in this recipe as I thought the flavor would pair really well with the bone broth! If you want to use sugar, you can do that as well.

• I use Dutch cocoa powder which is sweeter than natural cocoa powder. If you only have natural cocoa powder and would like to use that, then you may just want to add a bit more maple syrup to your liking.

bone broth hot cocoa


Can I use chicken bone broth?

Yes, if you want to use chicken bone broth you definitely can! I prefer the beef in this recipe as I believe it has a more neutral flavor and the chicken has a more savory flavor. At least this is true of the kind I buy, Kettle & Fire!

Can I use sugar in place of maple syrup?

Yes, you can definitely use cane sugar in place of maple syrup!

Why use organic ingredients in this recipe? You all know I’m a huge organic advocate, and I bet you may be thinking sometimes, Why would I even bother to use organic ingredients in something that is so sweet and indulgent? But, that is the exact reason why you should use organic ingredients! Sweet things need to have flavor in order to be good, otherwise they are just sweet and they don’t taste like much else. Organic ingredients are more pure than conventional ones, therefore they actually have more flavor than the non organic options. Say it with me, organic means more flavor! And not just more flavor but a more true and pure flavor. And organic ingredients are much healthier for you to eat in general as they do not contain GMOs or anything artificial. Plus, you are being environmentally friendly when you choose organic ingredients!

So, I highly recommend that you buy the best organic ingredients for this recipe! You can also shop my Amazon Storefront for all my favorite organic ingredients here. Tip – hover over each ingredient to see the name. And if you want to learn more about organic foods and the difference, read my post here on Food Labels and What They Mean.

bone broth hot cocoa

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bone broth hot cocoa

Bone Broth Hot Cocoa

Mimi Council
Try this healthy take on classic hot chocolate! This Bone Broth Hot Cocoa is rich, creamy, chocolatey, and has added nutrients and protein!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Drink
Cuisine American
Makes 2 servings
Calories 148 kcal



  • In a small pot, add the bone broth, maple syrup, and cocoa powder and put over high heat.
  • Whisk until the cocoa has dissolved and the temperature is between 140°F and 160°F.
  • Serve immediately.


YouTube video


High Altitude – Follow the recipe as noted.


Calories: 148kcalCarbohydrates: 29gProtein: 10gFat: 1gSaturated Fat: 1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.04gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.4gSodium: 94mgPotassium: 209mgFiber: 3gSugar: 21gCalcium: 50mgIron: 1mg
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