Best Way to Store Homemade Cookies

Kitchen Knowledge Lifestyle | Published November 29, 2022 by Mimi Council

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December is just around the corner, and everyone will be giving, getting, and baking homemade cookies. So, I thought I would write about the best way to store homemade cookies. If you are giving or receiving, it’s important to know the best way to store homemade cookies so they last long enough to enjoy them!

There are two main factors that determine the best way to store homemade cookies. The first is what type of cookie you have, as different types of cookies need to be stored in different ways to stay fresh. And the second is what kind of climate you’re in, as your environment plays a big role in how long cookies stay fresh.

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How to Store Soft and Chewy Cookies

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite kind of cookie first – soft and chewy cookies. These are the most common type of homemade cookie as they include cookies like my Coconut Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Eggless Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies, and more.

So, I’m going to share with you how to store fresh baked chocolate chips, how to store homemade sugar cookies, and any other types that are soft and chewy just like these. Soft and chewy cookies are not good when they are not soft and chewy! They become hard and dry, and no one wants that! So, let’s find out how to store homemade sugar cookies and how to store fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

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The rule for soft and chewy cookies is they need to be stored in an airtight container to preserve their soft and chewy texture. If you do this, then they can enjoyed for days after they are baked!

This can be anything that is airtight, such as a Tupperware, zip bag, or glass container. Foil isn’t good as it’s not airtight and plastic wrap can be okay for a day but it’s not fully airtight and won’t keep them fresh as long as a Tupperware, zip bag, or glass container.

This is important to remember when gifting someone soft and chewy cookies too! You don’t want to gift these in a box where they are open to the air, as they can go stale much faster. Now depending on where you live is how fast they’ll get stale!

Up here in Mammoth, it’s dry AF and soft and chewy cookies can get stale within a couple hours! If you live at sea level or even in a humid environment you may have longer than we do here, such as all day, or maybe even one night as well. But that’s still not very long!

So, store your soft and chewy cookies in something airtight! Here are some of my top storage choices for soft and chewy cookies. And, I recommend putting parchment paper in between stacks of cookies so they do not stick together.

Glass Container


Airtight Cookie Jar

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How to Keep Homemade Cookies Crispy

If a cookie isn’t soft and chewy, then it’s most likely crispy such as a butter cookie or biscotti. Your classic Spritz Cookies fall into this category, along with Gingerbread Biscotti, Brown Sugar Shortbreads and anything else that is crispy and perfect for dipping.

The thing about crispy cookies is when they get soggy and soft, they really aren’t that good! Just like when soft chewy cookies get dry. So, our goal is to keep them crispy! So, how to keep homemade cookies crispy is important knowledge this time of year.

The best way to do that is to leave them out in the open air! Things will naturally dry out when left out, so it’s best to leave these kinds of cookies out on a plate on the counter. It’s also great to package them in a bakery box to gift to friends and family. A bakery box isn’t airtight, even though it is closed, the air can still get in and out. A cookie tin with a loose lid can also work for this type of cookie.

Here are some of my favorite eco friendly bakery boxes if you plan to gift crispy cookies this holiday season.

Snowflake Bakery Boxes

Kraft Window Boxes

Kraft Tin Tie Bags

But if you live in a very humid climate then you may find that crispy cookies will turn soggy in a matter of hours or even one day! So, how to keep homemade cookies crispy in a humid climate is a little challenging. If that’s the case, sometimes your best option is in the fridge for this type of cookie!

How to make a gluten free christmas cookie box

How to Store Sandwich Cookies

If you have a sandwich cookie with frosting, caramel, or ganache filled inside the cookie then you just need to pay attention to what kind of cookie it is. Sandwich cookies can be made up of soft and chewy cookies, like my Peanut Butter Cookie Pies, or of crispy cookies like my Homemade Vanilla Oreos or Gingerbread Florentines.

So, if the cookies are soft and chewy then follow the rules for soft and chewy cookies and store them in an airtight container. If the cookies sandwiching the center are crispy, then leave them out in the open air.

How to Store Cookies with Frosting on Top

Now we get into everyone’s favorite kind of cookies, cookies with frosting on top! Especially during this time of year, frosted cookies are very popular! Whether you are topping cookies with frosting, icing, or glaze – how to store cookies with frosting on top applies to all of these types of cookies.

If you are making your own frosted cookies, the most important thing you need to remember is the frosting has to set. This can take anywhere from a few hours to up to 24 hours depending on what kind of frosting, icing, or glaze you use. But I always say 24 hours is best!

You must wait to stack or store your frosted cookies until the frosting, icing, or glaze has completely set otherwise they will just all stick to each other and you’ll have one giant stack of cookie! So, how to store cookies with frosting on top can be challenging because of the setting time.

If you’re making my Frosted Snickerdoodles, Lemon Ginger Molasses Cookies, or my Tree Sugar Cookies then these all need 24 hours to set before the cookies can be packaged or stored. Even if you’re making my Glazed Oatmeal Raisin Biscotti, it also needs 24 hours to set.

the best gluten free frosted gingerbread cookies

Now, if it’s a crispy cookie that is getting the frosting, glaze, or icing like my Glazed Oatmeal Raisin Biscotti then leaving them on the baking sheet to sit out overnight while the glaze sets is no big deal. But if you’re making a soft and chewy cookie with frosting then you have to think about storing them properly while that glaze sets!

So how to store cookies with frosting on top can be tricky! There are two ways that I recommend storing soft and chewy cookies with frosting on top. The first way is put all the cookies onto one cookie sheet, and place that cookie sheet in the freezer overnight.

Freezing the cookies will harden your glaze, and it won’t dry out the cookies because they are frozen and only staying in there overnight. Plus, the freezer door seal acts similar to an airtight container. Don’t store the cookies in the fridge as the fridge can dry out cookies, and that’s the last thing you want with soft and chewy cookies!

The second way is put all the cookies onto one cookie sheet and wrap the entire sheet in plastic wrap overnight. I don’t like this method because it is wasteful, but it will work if your freezer is completely packed.

Now that we’ve gone over how to store cookies with frosting on top, how to keep homemade cookies crispy, how to store homemade sugar cookies, how to store fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and everything in between – you know the best way to store homemade cookies. Use these methods for storing homemade cookies that you receive and also gift this holiday season so everyone can enjoy fresh baked cookies for days!

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