The Best Natural Food Dyes & Sprinkles

Kitchen Knowledge Lifestyle | Published November 24, 2016 by Mimi Council

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When you are using organic and natural ingredients in baking, it can be challenging to decorate like everyone else! Choosing your health over an incredibly colorful cake is a really easy choice to make, yet sometimes you just want to be able to make a pink cake!

I am here to tell you that you can definitely decorate just like the pros even while using organic and natural food dyes and sprinkles! I'm sharing my top picks for the best natural food dyes and sprinkles for all your baking needs! For some naturally colorful desserts, check out some of my favorite recipes like Eggless Sprinkle Cookies, Mixed Berry Hand Pies with Glaze, or Organic Lofthouse Cookies.

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The Best Natural Food Dyes

Suncore Foods

Suncore Foods are my absolute top pick for natural food dyes. They make organic versions of every single color and this is all I use! They come in a powder form in a resealable bag, which makes it easy to store and use anytime. You can use these dyes for frostings, cakes, French macarons, milkshakes, and more! You can easily buy them on Amazon and here's links to all my faves. They also make versions that are not organic, so jut be careful when shopping.

Suncore Foods Organic Pink Dye

Suncore Foods Organic Orange Dye

Suncore Foods Organic Yellow Dye

Suncore Foods Organic Green Matcha Dye

Suncore Foods Organic Blue Dye

Suncore Foods Organic Purple Dye

Suncore Foods Organic Red Dye

ColorKitchen Foods

ColorKitchen Natural Food Dyes are my second choice for coloring frostings, cookies, french macarons and cakes. They are not organic, but they derive the dyes from veggies like beets, turmeric, and spirulina. They also work incredibly well in baked goods! The only thing you have to do is make sure the powder dissolves in whatever you put it in to show the color. They make pink, blue, yellow, and green and from there you can make orange and purple too. You can make everything from perfect pastel colors to bright bold colors! Buy their 3 pack on Amazon here.

mixed berry hand pies with glaze

The Best Natural Sprinkles & Sugars

India Tree

I love India Tree for their sprinkles and sugars. The adorable pastel rainbow sprinkles you see me use in a lot of my bakes – those come from India Tree, their Carnival Mix. They recently just released a new rainbow sprinkle mix that is bright too, those are the Fiesta Sprinkles.

India Tree Nature's Colors Carnival Mix Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors Fiesta Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors My Party Sprinkles (round flat rainbow sprinkles!)

organic lofthouse sugar cookies, soft cakey sugar cookies with pink icing

They also make solid colored sprinkles in white, purple, green, pink, yellow and orange. These sprinkles are amazing on shortbread cookies, on top of cupcakes, cakes and of course on your ice cream.

India Tree Nature's Colors Bright Red Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors Orange Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors Bright Orange Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors Yellow Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors Green Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors Bright Blue Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors Purple Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors Pink Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors White Sprinkles

India Tree Natural Chocolate Sprinkles

India Tree Nature's Colors String of Pearls (white round sprinkles)

India Tree also has colored sugars in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and white! These sugars are perfect on top of frosting or glaze. I've tried putting them on top of cookies before baking, and they don't do so well. I'd stick to these when topping frosted sugar cookies or brownies. Use these as a finishing sugar.

India Tree Nature's Colors Decorating Sugars

Just be careful when you're shopping India Tree, they also make sprinkles and sugars with actual artificial colors in them. So, make sure you're purchasing from their Nature's Colors line only, those are all colored naturally with vegetables.

vegan funfetti sugar cookies, big vegan cookies, vegan sprinkle cookies

ColorKitchen Foods

ColorKitchen has also started making sprinkles! They have rainbow sprinkles and nonpareils. They are the only one on the market who makes natural colored nonpareils that I know of! I'm obsessed with these sprinkles! Both sprinkles are free of artificial dyes and made with plant based ingredients. Their traditional rainbow sprinkles are a bit darker than India Tree Nature's Colors Carnival Mix, so it's just personal preference which color palette you like best.

ColorKitchen Foods Nonpareil Confetti Sprinkles

ColorKithen Foods Rainbow Sprinkles

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