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12 Naturally Pink Valentine’s Day Treats

With Valentine’s Day coming, you may be wondering how to celebrate with naturally pink Valentine’s Day treats. If you are living an organic lifestyle, then artificial colors are out! And almost all traditional Valentine’s Day treats have artificial colors!

So, I’m sharing 12 Naturally Pink Valentine’s Day Treats with you today! These simple homemade Valentine's treats are naturally pink, or they are made using natural food dyes made from vegetables!

So, this Valentine’s Day, make some simple homemade valentine's treats for the ones you love. And show your love through these naturally pink Valentine’s Day treats, instead of buying ones that contain artificial colors! Pick up some of my favorite natural decorating supplies and get to baking!

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12 Naturally Pink Valentine's Day Treats

strawberry glazed donuts
Strawberry Glazed Baked Donuts
There’s nothing better than waking up to a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day! And these Strawberry Glazed Baked Donuts are one you can easily make in the morning with time to spare. They are naturally pink thanks to real strawberries and naturally colored sprinkles that are made from fruits and veggies!
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valentine's day charcuterie board
Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board
My Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board is full of naturally colored desserts to enjoy on Valentine’s Day! If you’re hosting a party or even just for family movie night, this Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board is loaded with love!
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strawberry donut pound cake
Strawberry Donut Pound Cake
My Strawberry Donut Pound Cake is one of the oldest recipes on my site, and it’s still one of my favorites! There’s nothing like a sweet breakfast on Valentine’s Day, and this Strawberry Donut Pound Cake is a fun breakfast or brunch that the whole family will love!
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vegan raspberry chocolate chip cookies
Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate and raspberry are a classic Valentine’s Day combination. And these Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies are made using freeze dried raspberries, which give them a crazy hot pink color! Plus, it makes them insanely delicious!
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mixed berry hand pies with glaze
Mixed Berry Hand Pies with Glaze
Enjoy Mixed Berry Hand Pies for breakfast or dessert! These adorable individual pies use strawberry jam and natural pink food dye made with beets for a beautifully colored and festive Valentine's Day treat!
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valentine's day smore bars
Valentine's Day S'More Bars
Combine everyone's love of s'mores with Valentine's Day and you have these delicious Valentine's Day S'More Bars that use naturally colored pink and purple chocolate candies along with marshmallow fluff and honey grahams.
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organic lofthouse sugar cookies, soft cakey sugar cookies with pink icing
Organic Lofthouse Sugar Cookies
Classic soft and pillowy sugar cookies are topped with a naturally pastel pink icing and sprinkles. This simple and nostalgic cookie will make the perfect Valentine's Day treat.
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fresh strawberry cheesecake bars
Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake Bars
Make this easy and colorful recipe for Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake Bars using fresh strawberries. You can even swap out the strawberries for raspberries for another naturally pink fruit option!
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cherry rose marshmallows
Cherry Rose Marshmallows
Light and fluffy, these homemade Cherry Rose Marshmallows are a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day! They are an easy make ahead no bake dessert that you can add into hot chocolate, candy boxes, or just eat on their own!
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naturally colored strawberry french macarons
Strawberry French Macarons
Strawberry French Macarons are a beautiful naturally pink dessert to share on Valentine’s Day. Not only are macarons insanely delicious, but they are a labor of love. So the person you gift them to will feel extra special!
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fresh raspberry custard
Fresh Raspberry Custard
Smooth and velvety Fresh Raspberry Custard is naturally pink thanks to the fresh raspberries! This light and creamy dessert makes a wonderful end to a Valentine's Day dinner.
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strawberry lemonade sandwich cookies
Strawberry Lemonade Sandwich Cookies
Light and zesty, this simple recipe for Strawberry Lemonade Sandwich Cookies makes a naturally pink cookie thanks to the strawberries! These buttery strawberry shortbread cookies are filled with sweet and tart lemon buttercream filling.
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