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10 Snacks You Can Share with Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner then you know anytime you get up to grab a snack, your dog is right at your feet. They’re sitting pretty starting up at you saying Mom, where’s mine? So, you may find yourself looking for snacks you can share with your dog!

And if you’re anything like me, then your dog is spoiled AF and he eats a snack anytime you do. While sometimes you need to dig in the pantry to find his snacks, sometimes you’re eating snacks you can share with your dog! And those are the best kind of snacks!

So, I’m sharing 10 Snacks You Can Share with Your Dog today. These are the top snacks that John John and I share regularly!

snacks you can share with your dog

10 Snacks You Can Share with Your Dog


Apples are snacks you can share with your dog! John John and I share an apple pretty much every single day. I cut the skin off for him, so there’s no choking hazard, and I cut it into tiny bite sized stackable bites. Apples provide fiber and vitamin A and C for your pup! Just do not feed your dog the core or the seeds.

bowl of apples


Blueberries are an amazing snacks you can share with your dog! These bite sized fruits are full of gut happy nutrients, and I eat them every single day. John John begs hardcore at the breakfast table for blueberries each morning. I bite them in half and give him half at a time, but blueberries are so small your dog can eat the whole one no problem. John John is just picky and spoiled AF.

snacks you can share with your dog


Sometimes a piece of toast is my snack, and I’ll give John John either a piece of the bread before I toast it or even after it’s been toasted before I top it. John John loves bread and he also loves bagels even more! Just be sure not give your dog any cinnamon raisin bread or bagels as they cannot have cinnamon or raisins.


Raw or cooked carrots are great snacks to share with your dog. I put cooked carrots in John Joh’s food every day. But, we also snack on raw carrots as an appetizer before dinner. He loves raw carrots! I cut them up into tiny pieces for him that are thin, so he can easily chew them since he’s small.



Organic coconut meat is an amazing snack! It's even better if you toast it! If you can't find coconut meat, you can use the wide flake coconut for baking as well. This makes an amazing snack or topper for toast, granola, or yogurt! John John loves getting little pieces of toasted coconut. I don’t put anything on it, I just bake it at 400°F for about 5 minutes or until golden brown. Coconut is a great snack for dogs as it is perfect little bite sized pieces! Try my recipe for Homemade Toasted Coconut Chips.

toasted coconut chips

Homemade Popcorn

Popcorn without toppings like butter or salt is fine for dogs. I make homemade popcorn over the stovetop with coconut oil at home, and I’ll pull out a few pieces before I salt it so that I can give those to John John while I’m snacking. You do have to be careful of kernels or dogs choking. I choose to share pieces of popcorn with John John that are very air popped and do not have hard kernels. John John loves popcorn!

Peanut Butter

All dogs love peanut butter! If I’m making peanut butter toast or having it with my apple, John John loves licking the spoon!

Rice Cakes

I love brown rice cakes for a snack! I top mine with cashew butter and cinnamon or avocado and everything bagel seasoning. Or sometimes I eat them plain. I share pieces of just the rice cake with John John and he loves it! They are air popped low fat snacks for dogs! Just be sure you’re only feeding your dog plain rice cakes, don’t give them flavors like apple cinnamon or other flavored ones.

Rhythm Organic Naked Carrot Snacks & Beet Chips

I buy the Rhythm snacks all the time! I’m obsessed with them, the cauliflower ones to be exact. But, the naked ones (both Naked Carrot and Naked Beets) have no salt, so they are fine to share with your dog. John John is obsessed with these, he loves the beets! Since I don’t put beets in his food, I give him some of these nutrient packed snacks every once in a while and he loves it!

rhythm naked beet chips


Watermelon is an amazing snack for both you and your dog! When we had Otto it was his favorite snack. He would be dead asleep on the couch, and if you cut open a watermelon he’d be in the kitchen in seconds. John John loves them too and I know they’ll become one of his favorite summer snacks!

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