Tips for a Golden Brown Turkey

Kitchen Knowledge Lifestyle | Published November 15, 2023 by Mimi Council

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If you are planning to host Thanksgiving, you are probably in full Thanksgiving prep mode by now. You may be thinking of what kind of turkey to bake, but more importantly, looking for tips for a golden brown turkey!

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roasted herb butter turkey

Tips for a Golden Brown Turkey 

Use these tips for a golden brown turkey! No matter what turkey recipe you are using, or even if you’re just winging it (pun intended!), these tips for a golden brown turkey will ensure that your turkey comes out of the oven looking golden brown with crisp delicious skin. 

You can apply these tips for a golden brown turkey to any turkey recipe. But, if you are looking for turkey recipes then be sure to check out my Roasted Herb Butter Turkey or my 5 Ingredient Turkey Rub

Use a Roasting Pan

My top tip for a golden brown turkey is using a roasting pan. You can cook a turkey in a baking pan, a stock pot, or a roasting pan. But, a roasting pan is key because it has a rack in it that holds the turkey up above the pan. This way you can put liquid below or veggies for added flavor, and the drippings will drip into the bottom and stay off the turkey. If the turkey is sitting or cooking in a liquid, then that will prevent the wings and the bottom of the turkey from getting golden brown because it’s constantly wet. I have the Cuisinart Roasting Pan and I love it! You can also create a roasting pan out of a cooling rack and a baking sheet if needed.

roasted herb butter turkey

Add Fat

Fat provides flavor, but it also creates a golden brown skin! Make sure to add fat to the skin of your turkey. Whether that is extra virgin olive oil, butter, or ghee — these all create a golden brown skin! Make sure you are coat the skin with fat of your choice before baking.

Baste or Brush Frequently

While fat will provide flavor and create a golden brown skin, adding it frequently during the baking process is key. Once the turkey begins to cook, make sure you are basting or brushing it frequently with more fat to make sure that skin turns golden brown. A simple rule of thumb is to baste or brush the turkey every 15 minutes during the last hour of baking.

roasted herb butter turkey

Crank Up the Heat

Most turkey recipes will tell you to bake the turkey at 325°F or 350°F. But, turning the heat up to 400°F or 425°F for the last hour or half hour will ensure that your skin is golden brown without over drying the turkey. 

roasted herb butter turkey

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