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Tips for Golden Brown Pie Crust

Pie season is upon us and it’s one of my favorite times for baked goods because there’s nothing better than a golden brown flaky pie crust! Today I’m sharing my top tips for golden brown pie crust so you can achieve pie euphoria this fall.

If you’re new to pie baking you may be wondering how you can achieve a perfectly golden pie crust. And I have a few tips for golden brown pie crust that work every time!

strawberry apple pie with lattice top, apple cinnamon strawberry pie

Use a Butter Pie Crust

Nothing browns like butter! No for real though, oils and vegan butter substitutes just don’t compare when you’re talking about browning in the oven. So if you’re looking for a golden brown pie crust then use a recipe with an all butter pie crust! Check out my All Butter Pie Crust for a simple and flaky pie crust or my Sourdough Discard Pie Crust for one that uses up discard.

sourdough pie crust

Use a Pie Wash

A pie wash is anything that gets brushed onto the pie crust before baking. If you’re not using a pie wash, your pies can be a little lackluster in color and taste, even if you’re using butter. Most pie recipes will tell you to egg was your pie. Brushing beaten egg or egg mixed with water will help the pie crust brown while baking.

But eggs aren’t the only thing that can do this and they aren’t even my top choice! My top choice for perfectly golden brown pie crust and what I use most frequently is a mix of honey and water. I mix equal parts honey and water (1 tablespoon each) in a small dish. I microwave it for a few seconds to melt the honey so it can easily combine with the water and use a pastry brush to brush it on, just like you would an egg wash.

This combination seriously gives you the most golden brown crust ever! Plus, the addition of the honey makes it a little sweet which is my all time favorite way to top and eat pies. And, if you don’t eat eggs it’s the perfect pie wash!

Other great options also include milk, heavy whipping cream, and even melted butter.

strawberry apple pie with lattice top, apple cinnamon strawberry pie

Increase Oven Temperature

Most pie recipes will tell you to bake at or around the 350°F degree temperature. But, that may not always yield a golden brown crust. So I like to increase the oven temperature to 400°F and bake for 5 to 10 more minutes to really crisp up that pie crust and darken the color. Be sure to watch your pie carefully at this stage so it doesn’t burn!

I hope these tips for golden brown pie crust help you achieve the pie of your dreams this fall! Be sure to check our other pie posts like my All Butter Pie Crust, How to Roll Out a Pie, or How to Make Pie Crust with Sourdough Discard.

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