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Can Dogs Have Carrots?

Carrots are a delicious vegetable that may be part of your every day menu. And your dog may look at you with those sad adorable eyes every time you eat one. So, that may have you wondering, can dogs have carrots?

Yes! Carrots are a safe and healthy human food to share with your dog. You can feel good about sharing carrots with your furry best friend. Let’s learn about the health benefits of carrots for dogs and how to feed carrots to your canine companion. You can feed your dog regular large carrots, baby carrots, and even heirloom carrots. John John likes the purple carrots best!

can dogs have carrots

What are the health benefits of carrots for dogs?

Carrots have a host of health benefits for your dog (just like they do for you!). Carrots contain vitamin A, potassium, fiber, and more! Carrots can help maintain a healthy gut and support your dogs skin and coat!

Can dogs have raw carrots?

Yes, dogs can have raw carrots as a treat or even as part of their meals. If you are feeding your dog raw carrots, be sure to cut into small pieces so they can easily chew and digest them. But, you can allow your dog to chew on a whole frozen carrot for teething! This can also help with their dental health. If you are doing this, be sure to watch your dog as they chew so they don’t get too large of a piece.

can dogs have carrots

Can dogs have cooked carrots?

Yes, dogs can have cooked carrots so long as they are not cooked with any sugars or spices. Boiling carrots is a great way to cook carrots for your dog. You can also roast them on a sheet pan with other veggies and a little drizzle of coconut oil or olive oil. Do not give your dog carrots that have been cooked in any other fats, oils, or spices.

Are carrots good for dogs daily?

Yes, dogs can have carrots every day. While it’s alway key to give your dog treats in moderation, carrots can be a healthy treat to consume daily in small amounts. Or, if you are making homemade food, you can include carrots as part of your balanced meals. John John loves carrots and eats them almost daily!

The Takeaway

Carrots provide lots of health benefits for your dog including vitamin A, fiber, and more! Carrots are a low fat snack or treat that your dog will love because of their naturally sweet flavor. You can feed your dog raw or cooked carrots, so long as there are no added sugars, spices, or fats (besides olive oil or coconut oil, which are safe for dogs). Your dog can also enjoy regular carrots, baby carrots, and heirloom carrots.

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