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Can Dogs Have Almond Milk?

If you are dairy free, then almond milk may be a staple in your fridge. And, if you have a dog, you may be wondering, can dogs have almond milk? While almond milk might seem like a healthy milk option for dogs because it’s dairy free, dogs actually should not eat almond milk! Even though almond milk can be a healthy dairy alternative for us, you should not be giving almond milk to your pup!

I have seen so many influencers lately feeding their dogs almond milk on social media. So, I wanted to write a more in-depth article about this for those dog people who cook and bake for their dogs. If you’re looking for more dog recipes, check out some of John John’s favorites like Chicken Dinner Recipe for Dogs or Peanut Butter Honey Granola for Dogs.

can dogs have almond milk

Can dogs have almond milk?

While almond milk may seem like a healthy option for your dog (because it can be for you). You should not give your dog almond milk! Dogs cannot digest almonds like we can. And almond milk is made up of almonds, hence, why it’s a poor choice for dogs.

While a small bit may not do much harm, it really won’t do any good either! Dogs have sensitive stomachs, so giving them something they can’t break down can cause GI upset. Especially if they eat too much. Not only that, but almond milk can have added ingredients like sugars, sweeteners, and more – all of which are not good for dogs! So, please, do not give your dog almond milk.

can dogs have almond milk

What is the best milk to give to dogs?

Since almond milk is off the table for dogs, you’re probably wondering what is the best milk to give to dogs? First, dogs don’t really need milk in their diets. So, you do not have to give your dog milk! But it can be a little treat on occasion and you may want to use it to make your Dog Waffles as a treat – so, what kind of milk can you use?

Dairy is also off the table for dogs as this can also cause GI upset. Yes, those infamous pup cups are not a good idea! Dairy can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and overall discomfort for your pup! Plus, some dogs can be lactose intolerant! While they will most likely gobble up anything you give them, it doesn’t mean it’s good for them.

That brings us to coconut milk and oat milk. Both options are a safe milk option for dogs! When choosing a coconut milk or oat milk for dogs, be sure you are buying organic. And you need to be mindful of the additional ingredients used, so not all brands are safe!

If there are added sweeteners, flavors, or stabilizers, then you can’t give that to your dog as those are not good for dogs. These kinds of ingredients are things like vanilla extract, vanilla flavor, xanthan gum, guar gum, natural flavor, and more. The only ingredients should be coconut and water or oats and water. If there’s a little pinch of salt, then that’s also okay.

can dogs have almond milk

What oat milk is safe for dogs?

You can give your dog oat milk so long as it’s only made up or oats and water (or a little salt is okay too). Stay away from brands that add ingredients like sweeteners, sugars, and stabilizers. My favorite organic milk for dogs is Mooala Simple Oat Milk. This only has organic oats, water, and a pinch of salt.

What coconut milk is safe for dogs?

You can give your dog organic coconut milk that is free of sugars, flavors, and stabilizers. Look for coconut milk that just has one ingredient: coconut (and water). My favorite organic coconut milk for dogs is Jiva Organics because this only has coconut and water. I also love this one to drink myself!

John John also loves Harmless Harvest Coconut Smoothies. This organic smoothie is only made up of one ingredient: coconut! This smoothie is so good, I drink them all the time, and I share a little bit with John John each time. This can also be used as milk if need be! Or it can be given to your dog as a sweet treat.                                                                             

The Takeaway

Almond milk is not safe for dogs, so do not share your almond milk with your pup! You can give your dog coconut milk or oat milk as long as they have dog safe ingredients. My top pick for milk for dogs is coconut milk. This milk is sweeter and thicker, so I like it more for baking or making recipes with. Plus, John John loves the flavor (as opposed to oat milk) because obviously it’s sweeter and tastier! And, selfishly, I love coconut milk so much more than oat milk, so we can share a can when I open one.

Always give milk to dogs in moderation, as they do not really need this in their diet. But it’s a great treat once in a while or if you are making homemade food or treats, you can use dog safe milk as needed.

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