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How to Make Picture Perfect Cookies

Cookie season is here! And this is my favorite time of year. Cookies hold a special place in my heart, and I’ve been making them since I was old enough to turn on the oven. So, today I’m sharing my top tips for how to make picture perfect cookies.

Cookies have been my go to dessert to bake and eat ever since I was old enough to know what a cookie was. One day I asked my mom for another cookie, and she told me no (a frequent thing of my childhood). But on that specific day, I told her that if I wanted another cookie, I would take the stool, push it over to the counter, climb up, and take another cookie out of the cookie jar, if I wanted to. And that has been my motto ever since, haha!

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I have probably made millions of cookies in my life. And I say that with complete seriousness. If you didn’t know, I founded the first organic bakery in the country and ran it for over ten years (cookies were our specialty). I recently sold it, but I have not stopped baking cookies! So, I have a lot of experience in the cookie department.

So, today I’m sharing my top tricks for how to make picture perfect cookies. Whether you are wanting your cookies to look perfect for that Instagram photo. Or if you want them to be swooned over at your holiday office party or by your mother in law when she opens up your cookie tin.

These tricks for how to make picture perfect cookies are easy, can apply to almost all cookies, and will make your cookies look more professional. You don’t need any fancy tools or things, just read on for my top ticks on how to make picture perfect cookies this holiday season.

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Add More Toppings

If you want your cookies to look like they are bursting with flavor then all you need to do is add more toppings on top of the cookies. Whatever your cookies are filled with – chocolate chips, walnuts, white chocolate, pecans… reserve a little bit of what the recipe calls for (or use extra) and place additional toppings on top of the cookies before they bake.

This will make your cookies look like they are bursting with chocolate chips or whatever it is that is inside. Even if you use the same amount of chocolate chips, they may look even tastier, even though they taste exactly the same! This is a great tip if you are trying to get picture perfect cookies for photographs as well.

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Round Them Out

When you make cookies by hand, they are far from perfect. Even me, who has probably made a million cookies, still does not make perfectly round cookies every time! The trick to making them perfectly round is to round them out right when they come out of the oven.

The easiest way to do this is to use a cookie cutter that is slightly larger than the cookie. Place it over the cookie and swirl it around the cookie to push in those straggly edges and make it look perfectly round.

If you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can also use a milk glass. And even if you don’t have a glass that is the right size, you can even use a butter knife and push in those stubborn edges to create the perfectly round cookies. The key thing here is to do this right when the cookies come out of the oven so they are hot and easily molded.

Add Finishing Salt or Sugar

There’s nothing that adds to the allure of a cookie more than a topping. To take your cookies to the next level, adding something as simple as flaky sea salt or even a sprinkle of sugar will make your cookies glisten in the light and look incredibly perfect.

I like to use cane sugar for dusting Peanut Butter Cookies immediately after they come out of the oven. I also use sugar for most shortbread cookies, like my Sourdough Chocolate Shortbread Cookies. And, you all know I love flaky sea salt and I use that on everything from my Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies to my Olive Oil Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Adding this finishing touch gives your cookies a little something extra! The key is to add finishing salt or sugars immediately after the cookies come out of the oven. You have to add these on while the cookies are hot, so they stick to the cookies. If you don’t do it while the cookies are hot, then it will just fall off.

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