What is Kamut Flour?

Kitchen Knowledge Lifestyle | Published June 25, 2023 by Mimi Council

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Today I’m dropping some knowledge on the ancient grain Kamut flour, and why it’s so delicious in baked goods! Read on to learn about this ancient grain flour that will give your baked goods depth of flavor as well as added nutrients.

If you’re a regular on my site then you now I really like baking with Kamut flour. I use it in my Kamut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies, Kamut Flour Biscotti, Sesame Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies, and more! What is Kamut flour? Read on to learn all about it.

kamut flour
kamut flour chocolate chip cookies

What is Kamut flour?

Kamut flour is made from Khorasan wheat, which is an ancient grain. This ancient grain is an amber wheat and is closely related to durum wheat. Kamut is the only brand that guarantees the preservation of this ancient strain of wheat.

Kamut flour can be used in all kinds of baked goods from cookies, biscotti, scones brownies, and so much more! It brings a nuttiness, slightly sweet, and rich or hearty flavor to baked goods depending on what it’s paired with.

Is Kamut flour healthy?

Yes, Kamut flour is a healthier choice than all purpose flour as it contains more protein, more fiber, and more minerals. It’s a great source of whole grain so it has more protein than other grains. Kamut flour is also higher in antioxidants and polyphenols, so it can also be anti-inflammatory. So if you’re looking to get more out eating wheat, Kamut flour is a great option to choose!

Is Kamut flour gluten free?

No, unfortunately Kamut flour is made from an ancient grain and it is not gluten free.

How do you use Kamut flour?

You can use Kamut flour like you would all purpose flour. It makes delicious cookies, biscotti, brownies, and pastries. Kamut flour does have more protein than all purpose but it acts very similar in baked goods.

Try replacing all purpose flour with Kamut flour in recipes like cookies, brownies, scones, biscotti, or other baked goods where all purpose flour shines. When replacing all purpose with Kamut flour, it does weigh a little different, so be mindful of that and make sure to do the math so you have the right amount of flour by weight that the recipe calls for.

1 cup all purpose flour = 127 grams

1 cup Kamut flour = 155 grams

kamut flour

What goes well with Kamut flour?

Kamut flour has an unmistakable taste, one that is unmatched in other flours. It’s nutty, a little sweet, but also hearty tasting at the same time. This flavor profile lends well to butter, chocolate, nuts, maple, fruit, caramel, and more. Think of Kamut flour as the brown butter of flours and that’s how you want to pair it with other flavors in baking.

What is the best Kamut flour?

Not all Kamut flour is created equal. Just like all ingredients, it can range in taste depending where you buy it. My favorite Kamut flour comes from Food to Live. I think their Organic Kamut Flour has the best flavor and it is amazing in baked goods.

What should I bake with Kamut flour?

I love baking pastries that typically use all purpose flour. Bakes like cookies, brownies, biscotti, scones, and bars are all great bakes for Kamut flour. Try some of my favorites like my Kamut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies, Kamut Flour Biscotti, or my Sesame Chocolate Chip Cookies!

kamut flour chocolate chip cookies

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