My Farmhouse Kitchen in the Mountains

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If you guys have been following me, then you may know that I recently built a home and I have shared some details of my farmhouse kitchen. It's been about two years since we moved in, and I'm still fine tuning things in the house! I shared my farmhouse kitchen around this time last year on Instagram, but I've made a few minor changes so I've updated this post with all my updates.

My kitchen cabinets are shaker style in a linen color. Because I did white countertops and white backsplash, I wanted a little contrast with our cabinets. I did a quartz countertop, that I really like. It wasn't my first choice, but we did this during Covid, so my first choice was not available, to say the least. But, I am happy with what I have now!

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen
girl sitting on kitchen counter
farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen
farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

The first thing I'm sharing is my cake dome. It literally lives on my island, as we always have baked goods in the house and it keeps things super fresh up here at high altitude. Right now, there's coffee cake in there! My cake dome is a gray marble bottom with a glass top, and I've linked it here. If you live in a dry climate, then having a dome is essential! I cannot stress that enough! If you like baking soft and chewy cookies and want them to stay that way for days, put them in a dome. Cakes can be cut and left in a dome, and still retain their moist and fluffy texture. Plus, you can also use it for homemade muffins, breads, and scones!

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

My Caraway pans are below, and I have the cream colorway. I love them, and I use them daily. If you are looking for nontoxic cookware that is also gorgeous, then these are what you want! They have other colors besides the cream, so you can buy what fits in your kitchen. Shop them here.

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

We recently got an Air Fryer and it's amazing! I cannot stress that enough! And if you've been thinking of getting one, but not sure which one to get, then you should get the one I have because I am super happy with it. I've linked the one I originally bought here. But, I recently upgraded to the Cafe Appliance Air Fryer so it matches my oven, as they didn't have that out when we bought the oven. Both of these air fryers are amazing and I highly recommend them.

They are not just an air fryer, it's basically an air fryer and toaster oven in one. We hadn't had a toaster oven in years since the one at our condo set on fire one day while cooking bacon. We were saving for our house, so we didn't even spend the extra money to replace it at that time and just stopped eating bacon for breakfast, haha!

So, when we moved into the house and I was thinking of getting one again, we actually found this air fryer that doubled as a toaster oven instead. It makes it super convenient, because we only have to have one thing on the counter and we don't have to store away an air fryer or take it out when we want to use it. We literally use this all the time! I am not even joking. Not just for air frying, but mostly for warming stuff up. It cooks frozen pizza in minutes, so much faster than the oven because there is no preheating! It also cooks hot dogs amazing! And you know I love me some Chicago Hot Dogs. So, if you are thinking of getting an air fryer, I would definitely recommend this one!

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen
farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen
farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

We recently got the Cafe Appliance Matte White Dishwasher that matches my oven. At first, I had a Kenmore stainless steel dishwasher that matched the fridge. However, it literally looked dirty all the time! Literally all the time, and we keep a very clean house and we don't have kids. It was bothering me constantly.

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen
farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

We had to get a top fridge/bottom freezer because of the way it sits next to our pantry. So, we couldn't get the Cafe fridge as it has double doors on top, and we needed a single door only. So, at first I did the Cafe oven as my “pop” appliance and made the dishwasher and fridge match. But, when the dishwasher was constantly dirty I thought about swapping it out.

And I am so glad I did! The white dishwasher contrary to what you may think, literally looks clean all the time! It's because the it's not stainless steel so finger prints and water doesn't show up like it does on stainless, and we have hard water here so it's even worse. Plus this dishwasher is actually a lot quieter than our Kenmore one was, so that's a bonus! I got the stainless steel hardware that matches the oven and our fridge. And now our fridge is the one appliance that doesn't match, but I think it works. That is, until Cafe comes out with a top fridge, bottom freezer haha, then I will upgrade! Or if I can ever find a good fingerprint resistant stainless steel fridge in my size, ha!

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

One of the other things we've gotten recently is an espresso machine. I love coffee, but I don't drink it often as Delaney as I don't usually do a lot of caffeine. But, We actually ended up working with De'Longhi on a photoshoot and got to keep the machine.

We have the De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio. This is an amazing espresso machine and it looks really pretty. Plus it has a hot water dispenser so tea is ready in minutes, so my kettle is of no use to me anymore. It even steams milk can easily make a vanilla steamer whenever I want. The funny thing is, we probably wouldn't have bought this on our own because Delaney usually just makes black coffee in the morning. But now that we have it, Delaney is like I would totally buy this, I cannot live without it, it's so worth it! So, if you drink coffee daily, I would definitely recommend splurging on this as you won't be disappointed. My vase is also one of my new favorite things! I've linked it here. You can also find my cookbooks here.

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

We have gone through like six different kitchen rugs since moving in. Mainly, since we got John John as I like white rugs, and he seems to constantly pee on it, throw up on it, or even one time he pooped and ran back in the house and Delaney didn't check his butt. He sat on the rug as I was washing dishes, and got poop all over it, and that one we had for a total of one week. So, I finally came to my senses and bought a washable rug, haha. It took me a while to find a white/tan color one that I liked, but I'm obsessed with this one now! My rug is linked here.

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen
farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

Before we got the espresso machine, we had bought the Cafe Coffee Maker to match the oven. So, we have a little coffee corner over here as well. I love the way this coffee maker looks, even though we rarely ever use it. When we moved, Delaney was thinking he wanted to get a coffee maker as he's always just used a pour over since he's the only one who drinks coffee. So I told Delaney if we are buying a coffee maker, this was the one because it looks so pretty.

So now we have two coffee stations so Delaney can brew whatever he's feeling, whether it's a black coffee, a latte, or a cappuccino! And a caffeinated husband is a good husband! So, make sure your husband has the caffeine he needs and get whatever coffee maker will do that. I also love my little rubber plant on this counter and it hides the chord very well. I bought it on Etsy here. And my pot is linked here.

modern farmhouse kitchen design

I also swapped out my KitchenAid mixer. I originally had a matte black KitchenAid mixer when we I moved in. And I love that mixer! It has that matte finish, which looks so sick. But I felt like I wanted my space to feel lighter and brighter, and the black was making it feel darker.

So now, I have an awesome stainless steel KitchenAid mixer that matches my fridge and my dishwasher. I also felt having all my appliances silver and white was cleaner looking. Plus it makes my kitchen feel brighter without having the black mixer on the counter. We did the black reclaimed wood for the hood vent, and it's a great pop of dark color. But that's a really easy way to brighten up your kitchen if you're looking for a change – replace dark appliances with lighter ones, or remove things off the counter in general.

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen
farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen
farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

I currently have the Cafe Appliance Dual Fuel Double Oven, and it's a dream! I love my Cafe oven, and it was on backorder for well over a year, but it was worth the wait! I love having the double oven as I use the top so often as I'm usually just baking one thing. It heats up really quickly, and I don't feel like I'm wasting heating up the whole oven just to bake some cookies. And, it also allows me to bake dinner and dessert at the same time! So, if you're thinking of a double oven, do it!

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

I've had these bar stools since day one, and I couldn't be happier with them even a whole year later! I got them at Target and I would highly recommend them! They are comfortable and they clean very well. I've also linked all my other stuff below. And if you have any questions on where I got things, just shoot me an email – nothing makes me more happy than shopping or helping people shop!

I hope you enjoyed checking out my kitchen and some of my favorite things in it! Here's links to some of them if you are interested. I use affiliate links here to earn a commission by sharing things I absolutely love, so I appreciate you shopping through my affiliate links!

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