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High Altitude Recipes

Cooking and baking at high altitude can be a challenge, but not if you have a tried and true high altitude recipe that works! All of my high altitude baking recipes are developed and tested at high altitude so you can cook and bake with confidence when using one of my recipes. Not only that, but they are tested at 8,000 feet so no matter where you live, or visit, you can count on these recipes to work!

While recipes are written for sea level, there are high altitude baking adjustments for every recipe in the notes section at the bottom of the recipe card. With high altitude cooking there is usually no change at all, just be mindful to look for visual signs your food is done, which may take a few extra minutes. With baking, the bake times are usually shorter to prevent cakes from drying, cookies from burning, and more! If you are new to high altitude baking and cooking, learn more in my article High Altitude Baking & Cooking Explained. Some of my most popular high altitude cookies recipes that I’m sure you’ll love include Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies and these Kamut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies. You will also find high altitude cake recipes like this reader favorite for Avocado Oil Chocolate Cake.