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What is A2 Dairy and Why Is It So Special?

You may have started seeing new labels in the dairy aisle lately. Ones that read A2 or A2/A2 Milk or Yogurt. So, what is this new label? What is A2 dairy and why is it so special?

This new label is popping up all over the dairy aisle. And that may have you wondering what is it all about? I’m explaining A2 diary and why it’s so special. Yes, I do believe it’s special! 

alexandre family farm a2 organic milk and cookies

What is A2 dairy?

Cows milk has beta-casein protein that can be one of two varieties. And that protein can either be A1 or A2. Originally cows milk only had A2 protein (A2/A2), but over time the protein changed in many cows, creating the A1 protein. This resulted in cows with A2/A1 with A1 being present. 

Alexandre Family Farm explains it best, saying, “At some point, there was a genetic mutation in the A2 beta-casein protein that created the A1 beta-casein variant, which has resulted in most commercially available cow’s milk today to become a mixture of A1 and A2 beta-casein (A2/A1).” There are some companies that breed cows only to have the A2 protein, resulting in A2/A2 cows and dairy. 

alexandre family farm a2 milk

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What makes A2 dairy different? 

The A2 beta-casein protein is most natural to the human body, therefore easier digestible. Where in some humans A1 protein can seem foreign and therefore cause digestive issues. So, if you have a dairy sensitivity it may not be dairy at all, but just the A1 protein. 

Should you drink A2 dairy? 

Yes, I believe A2 dairy is the cream of the crop (pun intended!). Even if you can tolerate milk, dairy can be inflammatory. So drinking A2 dairy will be better for your insides as it will not cause as much inflammation because the A2 protein is more easily absorbed! So if you have the choice to get A2 dairy, it’s definitely worth it! 

origin creamery a2 organic cheese

Where can I find organic A2 dairy? 

Alexandre Family Farm is the pioneer of organic A2 dairy! They have a store locator on their website and I usually buy it at Whole Foods and online at Azure Standard. Alexandre Family Farm makes milk, yogurt, and cream. 

I also recently found Origin Creamery for A2 organic cheese! They also have milk, butter, and ghee! I bought their cheese online at Azure Standard as well. I have yet to find organic A2 cream cheese, but I’m sure it’s coming soon! 

And, if you are looking for ice cream then Alec's Ice Cream makes the only Organic Regenerative A2 Ice Cream! Their ice cream is insanely good. You can find it at Whole Foods, Jimbo's, and even on their website. I've visited their creamery and go to see pints upon pints being made, it was a dream!

alec's ice cream pint with a spoon in it

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