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Home Lifestyle | Published January 24, 2021 by Mimi Council

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If one of your New Year's resolutions is to keep your kitchen cleaner, then I have some tips and tricks for you. I use these tips in my own kitchen at home to make cleaning up easier and take less time. Check them out, adapt one, or all of them to keep your kitchen cleaner and more inviting for you to bake and cook in more often!

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Have Kitchen Rags

I always have kitchen rags, it's habit from being at the bakery. But, if you don't have any kitchen rags then it may seem difficult to keep your kitchen clean. If you have a rag that's clean and ready to be used daily, then it's easy to wipe down your counters and keep a cleaner kitchen. Find the kitchen rags I have here.

Clean As You Go

I know you've probably heard this many times. But, if you're cooking or baking something you are bound to have downtime, even if it's 5 minutes between tasks. My seventh grade math teacher would always give us 5 minute at the end of class. And she would say, I'm giving you 5 minutes to do whatever you want. That may be talk to your neighbor or it may be do your homework. But, I will tell you that you can get a lot done in 5 minutes. I took her lesson to heart and I did my homework every single day during those 5 minutes and most of the time, I finished it completely. I am telling you the same thing now, 5 minutes can be a lot of time – it all just depends what you're doing.

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

Always Clean the Counters

I know sometimes you want to leave a mess in the kitchen because you're just too tired to clean it up. Delaney wants to do this every single night. But, we made an agreement, he at least has to put all dishes in the sink and wipe down the counters. These are two really easy things to do, even if you're tired. And if your counters are clean then it makes your kitchen feel so much more clean! And, then you can get to the dishes in the morning while still feeling like you can make a cup of coffee or a piece of toast.

Bake Everything on Baking Sheets

Yes, that means everything! Even if you're baking something in a dish like a pie dish, a casserole dish, a dutch oven; if anything leaks, explodes or drips it will be living on your oven floor forever. This also helps with things burning and smelling on the bottom of the oven. And of course it helps keep your oven cleaner! This can also make your kitchen appear cleaner and inspire you to bake and cook more.

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No Butter Knife Left Out

Everyone has a butter dish, or so I thought this was something that every single person had until I opened Dessert'D and started selling them and found so many people in the bake shop saying how they don't have one. It still blows my mind. But, most people have a butter dish. And if you're the person that has a butter dish, then you use it. That also may mean that you leave a butter knife sitting on the side of the butter dish for constant use. We used to do this at our condo all the time. The butter knife would have butter on it, then the butter would get on the dish, then it would fall onto the counter and get on the counter. I decided when we moved into the new house that we would no longer leave a butter knife on the butter dish. And it's really amazing how much cleaner that area and the butter dish seem! So, don't leave the butter knife out and just get a new one each time and it will keep that area so much cleaner.

Close Doors

If you want to make your kitchen seem cleaner, then keep the doors closed. That means pantry doors mainly. If you have a pantry that is large and has a door or a barn door, it may be easy to just leave it open. But, when you look into your kitchen and you see all the stuff in your pantry it can make it appear less clean (even if it's the same amount of clean!). Closing that door will make your kitchen appear cleaner by doing absolutely nothing. And if you have any sliding cabinet doors this also applies here as well.

farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, mountain kitchen

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