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The Mountain Baker

I never considered myself a “high altitude baker” until it was pointed out to me years ago. I have always baked no matter where I lived, and living at an altitude of 8,000 feet just came with a few more challenges but I always persevered. A few years after I opened my bake shop, I started to get many requests to share my knowledge of high altitude baking, and recipes that would work above sea level.

That led me to create a blog, as well as become an editor at the Feedfeed where I curate the High Altitude Baking feed, to share and inspire even more high altitude bakers. Not only do I share recipes for high altitude, but all my recipes work at sea level as you know if you read and bake from my blog. There's always just one simple adjustment, depending on where you live. Creating and sharing recipes has now become my favorite part of my job. So thank you to all the people years ago who inspired me to share with you, and the ones that continue to do so today.

So today I have a big announcement! My second book, The Mountain Baker, is now available for preorder! It will be released on October 13th just in time for holiday baking and of course winter at your mountain home.

the mountain baker cookbook

When my agent came to me with this project, the working title was Ski House Baking. When I heard that name, I just knew I had to ask Kimmy to come along for the ride. Kimmy has been my partner at the bakery since the beginning, and I knew this project wouldn't be complete without her. During the winter, her house is a constant flow of friends and guests that come to Mammoth to ski, snowboard, film, and explore our amazing mountains. And she cooks delicious and sustaining food for them the entire time they are here! Her house should be called a BB & D (bed, breakfast & dinner).

Thankfully, Kimmy was really excited to join me, and share some of her recipes that have been favorites of mine for years. Kimmy brings a more savory side to this book that includes some of my favorite recipes such as Sweet Potato Fries, Mountain Bread, Lemon Tahini Kale Chips and so many more! While I have inspired Kimmy to get more into baking, she is the one who has inspired me to get more into cooking.

And together, in The Mountain Baker, we share a perfect balance of sweet and savory bakes and mountain inspired food that will transport you to our tiny mountain town. These are the recipes we cook and bake for our friends and family, the ones we host parties with, the ones that help fuel us for adventures, and reward us afterwards.

The recipes in this book are perfect for your weekend getaway, or will impress your own house guests that come visit you at your mountain home. And even if you don't live above sea level, we give you sea level conversions for all recipes. So no matter where you call home, you can be transported to the mountains just by opening this book and baking up something sweet.

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The Mountain Baker is available now to preorder! Click here to find a retailer.

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