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The Best Eggless Cookbook

Well, I might be a little biased by saying the best eggless cookbook! But, I do think that my new book Effortless Eggless Baking is the best eggless cookbook! I'm so excited to announce that my new book, Effortless Eggless Baking is now out! I am so excited to share easy and delicious recipes with you that don't require eggs!

mimi council with effortless eggless baking book

This book has 100 easy and creative recipes that don't require eggs! While eggs are usually considered essential in baking – you really don't need them to make all of your favorite bakes like Blueberry Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, Vanilla Cupcakes and more.

While I do eat eggs (which you may know!), I got the idea for this cookbook when everyone was out of eggs during the Covid19 quarantine. People kept asking me for recipes without eggs, so I created my Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies, not thinking they would be that popular beyond quarantine. But, I was really wrong! They are one of the top recipes on my site, getting more views than almost anything else!

So, I realized the need for a truly eggless baking book! And here we are with Effortless Eggless Baking, the best eggless cookbook! While this book does use butter, milk, and yogurt – I do provide easy swaps if you are vegan or dairy free. And, staying true to my motto of Dessert for Everyone, I also provide easy swaps for gluten free as well!

And, while I eat eggs (like every day guys, it's usually my breakfast), I have enjoyed baking without them so much! Egg prices are rising right now, and they have been hard to find in grocery stores lately as well. So, if you just don't have eggs (or don't feel like going to the store) then you can always grab this book and bake some cookies or cake whenever your craving hits.

effortless eggless baking

Effortless Eggless Baking starts off describing what eggs do in baking. Then I explain how eggs can be replaced with simple ingredients (that you probably already have in your fridge!).

The first chapter starts with breakfast bakes like Cinnamon Rolls, Brown Sugar Banana Sweet Rolls, Maple Bacon Scones, Blueberry Muffins, Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake – and so much more! I even have a couple recipes for savory bakes like my Ham & Cheese Scones.

lemon blueberry sweet rolls
ham and cheese scones

The next chapter is is all about breads and loaf cakes. It's filled with Banana Bread, Earl Grey Lemon Loaf Cake, and my Chocolate Pecan Babka (that you see on the cover!), among others. The best part about the loaf cake chapter is all the recipes use a 1-pound loaf pan, it's the only pan you need for this chapter!

vanilla cherry loaf cake

Next, we dive into cookies. My Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies make an appearance among sandwich cookies, thumbprints, shortbreads, soft and chewy cookies – and more! Cookie season is here, and I have you covered with cookie recipes without eggs!

brown sugar cookie pies

The next chapter is all about bars and biscotti. This includes Dark Chocolate Fudgy Brownies, Chocolate Chip Blondies (one of my faves!), Gingerbread Bars, Almond Biscotti and more!

eggless chocolate coconut bars

We couldn't have a baking book without pie – and this next chapter is all about pie! I give you six easy ways to brown your pie crust – without eggs! Plus, recipes include mini pies, Peanut Butter S'More Tart, classic Pecan Pie and more!

mixed berry tart

To end the book with a bang, we have the cake chapter! This chapter includes sheet cakes, layer cakes, naked cakes, cake jars, cake balls – did I miss anything? Oh yeah, and cupcakes! My favorite Chocolate Lemon Cake Balls live here along with classic bakes like Vanilla Cupcakes, Chocolate Sprinkle Cake, Birthday Sheet Cake and unique cake flavors like my Pink Lemonade Cake and Pumpkin Spice Carrot Cake!

eggless chocolate whipped cream cake

So, what are you waiting for? Get Effortless Eggless Baking now, and bake with confidence, without eggs! Even if you eat eggs, like I do, it's so nice to have options to bake when eggs are out at the store or you just don't feel like going to the store – but you really want some cookies! I hope you enjoyed drooling over some of these outtakes from the book! Get your copy of Effortless Eggless Baking now, and join my eggless baker club!

peanut butter & jelly cake
mimi council with effortless eggless baking book

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