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Pistachio Milk Hot Chocolate

This creamy and rich hot chocolate is made using pistachio milk! Try this easy dairy alternative the next time you're craving a hot cocoa.

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pistachio milk hot chocolate

If you don’t drink milk, you may be feeling left out during the holidays when everyone is drinking hot cocoa. But you can easily make hot chocolate with dairy free milk!

Why You'll Love This Recipe

I love milk, but I also milk dairy free milk like pistachio milk, coconut milk, and almond milk! I recently was sent some milk from Three Trees, which has some of my favorite nut milks! Their Pistachio Milk is insane, I’m a little obsessed with it.

So of course, I made a Pistachio Milk Hot Chocolate! This hot chocolate with dairy free milk tastes so good, I don’t even miss the dairy in it. And if you have a feeling that Santa might be dairy free, then grab this recipe for Pistachio Milk Hot Chocolate so you can be sure to make him happy tomorrow night!

pistachio milk hot chocolate
pistachio milk hot chocolate

If you don’t have pistachio milk you can always substitute it for coconut milk, almond milk, or even regular milk. This recipe can be made with whatever type of milk you like! And it’s a delicious, creamy, and chocolatey hot cocoa that will just make you feel like Christmas inside. Grab the recipe below.

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pistachio milk hot chocolate, hot chocolate with dairy free milk

Ingredients for recipe for Pistachio Milk Hot Chocolate

Three Trees Organic Pistachio Milk

NuNaturals Organic Dutch Cocoa

Costco Kirkland Organic Cane Sugar

Why Organic

Why use organic ingredients in this recipe? You all know I’m a huge organic advocate, and I bet you may be thinking sometimes, Why would I even bother to use organic ingredients in something that is so sweet and indulgent? But, that is the exact reason why you should use organic ingredients! Sweet things need to have flavor in order to be good, otherwise they are just sweet and they don’t taste like much else. Organic ingredients are more pure than conventional ones, therefore they actually have more flavor than the non organic options. Say it with me, organic means more flavor! And not just more flavor but a more true and pure flavor. And organic ingredients are much healthier for you to eat in general as they do not contain GMOs or anything artificial. Plus, you are being environmentally friendly when you choose organic ingredients!

So, I highly recommend that you buy the best organic ingredients for this recipe! You can also shop my Amazon Storefront for all my favorite organic ingredients here. Tip – hover over each ingredient to see the name. And if you want to learn more about organic foods and the difference, read my post here on Food Labels and What They Mean.

pistachio milk hot chocolate, hot chocolate with dairy free milk

Pistachio Milk Hot Chocolate

Recipe by MimiDifficulty: Easy



Make this simple Pistachio Milk Hot Chocolate this holiday season!


  • 2 cups organic pistachio milk

  • 42 grams (3 tablespoons) organic cane sugar

  • 20 grams (4 tablespoons) organic Dutch cocoa powder


  • In a medium pot, add the pistachio milk, cane sugar, and cocoa. Put over high heat.
  • Whisk until all ingredients dissolve and the temperature reaches 160°F on a drink thermometer. Remove from heat.
  • Serve immediately.


  • High Altitude – Follow the recipe as noted.

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