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Organic Gifts for Everyone on Your List

With the holidays upon us, you may be starting your Christmas shopping already! And if you haven’t yet, it is a big reminder that you need to start soon! If you are looking for organic gifts for everyone on your list, or if you have that one friend or family member who is eco conscious and you don’t know what to get them, then I got you covered with this organic gift guide.

This organic gift guide has organic gifts for everyone on your list! I filled this with the best organic holiday presents and easy organic gifts. If you are trying to live more organically then there are a few things to remember this holiday season.

organic gifts for everyone on your list, best organic holiday presents, easy organic gifts

If you or a friend or family member cares about organic ingredients or the environment, then holiday gifting can be challenging. As someone who cares about these things, Christmas can bring on a lot of waste and unnecessary things.

I think the most important thing to remember when gifting the best organic holiday presents is that make sure the gift is useful. For me, at least, I don’t want a gift just to be given a gift. Especially if I don’t really need it or won’t use it. A gift should be intentional to the recipient, and not just given because you feel you need to give someone something.

organic gifts for everyone on your list, a wrapped present in brown kraft paper, and ribbon around a hot chocolate jar
organic gifts for everyone on your list, present wrapped in brown kraft eco friendly wrappin paper with a ribbon, cookie next to it with holly and pine needles

When you are wrapping an organic gift, try to use an eco-friendly wrapping paper. There are many kraft wrapping paper options that are so cute! Like the one here. You can attach an organic candy cane to your gift as well, my favorite come from YumEarth.

So, when you are looking for organic gifts for everyone on your list, keep this in mind. Think about the people you are shopping for and think of getting them the best organic holiday presents. Think about what would make them happy, what they would really like and use, and wrap it consciously!

So, here we go with my organic holiday gift guide. Find organic gifts for everyone on your list. These easy organic gifts will make the best organic holiday presents for friends and family.

organic gifts for everyone on your list, best organic holiday presents, easy organic gifts

Organic Gifts Under $25

Organic AF Wine Tumbler

This Organic AF Wine Tumbler is perfect for staying warm on cold winter days. This tumbler is great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more. And it’s a reusable cup, which is the gift that keeps on giving! Especially if someone on your list is living organically, they probably make their own coffee or tea each morning and with this tumbler they can take it anywhere they want to go.

organic af tumbler

Lake Champlain Organic Hot Chocolate Mix

I love Lake Champlain’s Organic Hot Chocolate Mix! Hot cocoa is something that is a must over the holidays, and this simple organic hot chocolate mix from Lake Champlain Chocolates makes the perfect gift. They have multiple flavors, so you can get them something different like – Dark Chocolate, Peppermint, Marshmallow, Spicy Aztec, and Mocha!

lake champlain organic hot chocolate mix

Cookies for Everyone

Give the gift of cookies – with my book, Cookies for Everyone! It is cookie season right now, and there is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a batch of freshly baked cookies. This book has all kinds of cookies and even includes easy swaps for gluten free and high altitude. Plus, there’s a whole vegan chapter!

cookies for everyone cookbook

Get Your Hot Cakes Organic Pacific Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

Get Your Hot Cakes makes a true caramel sauce, just like I do. They dry burn the sugar to create caramel and it’s so good. So, if you don’t feel like making someone my Homemade Caramel Sauce Jars, buy this one instead. Theirs comes packaged in a cute jar, and you can even just tie a ribbon around it and give it that way to limit the use of more packaging.

Organic Cotton Apron

If you are baking cookies this holiday season or cooking for friends or family, then an apron is a must! This organic cotton apron is the perfect gift for the chef or baker in your family.

organic gifts for everyone on your list, best organic holiday presents, easy organic gifts

Beauty by Earth Peppermint Lip Balm

Everyone needs some good lip balm this time of year. And this Peppermint Lip Balm by Beauty by Earth has all the holiday vibes!

Organic Lake Champlain Chocolates

Lake Champlain makes some of my favorite organic chocolates! They use high quality organic ingredients and make chocolates that are so good! Their holiday chocolates make a simple and thoughtful gift that anyone will love. Shop their Organic Holiday Chocolates that include everything from Christmas Jubilees to Chocolate Santa (which would make an amazing gift for a kid!).

organic gifts for everyone on your list, best organic holiday presents, easy organic gifts

Organic Gifts Under $75

Butter College Tee Shirt

My Butter College Tee Shirt is made of 100% organic cotton. And if you have a baker in your life, this is the perfect gift! This is baking tee shirt is one of my best selling items in my shop, and I’m sure the baker in your life will love it!

organic butter college tee shirt

Pact Organic Cotton Scarf

Pact makes amazing eco-friendly and organic clothing and accessories. A scarf is a thoughtful gift that everyone needs during the cold weather season. And this Pact Organic Cotton Scarf is not only beautiful but it is made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and it’s produced in a Fair Trade Certified Factory.

Yogi Organic Tea Gift Box

If you have tea lover in your life, then this Yogi Organic Tea Gift Box is the perfect gift. It includes 9 different teas flavors, and a variety of herbal, green, and black tea. The box has 45 total tea bags, so it provides over a month of fresh brewed tea!

Organic Vodka & Mixers

Booze is always a good idea – so long as the person you are gifting it to drinks! Square One Organic Spirits makes both organic vodka and mixers, so it’s a one stop shop if you have someone on your list who enjoys a quality cocktail.

They have five specialty flavors of organic vodka – Rye, Cucumber, Botanical, Basil, and Bergamot. Each one is meticulously crafted with exacting standards. They are one of the few organic vodkas out there.

Their organic mixers are held to the same standards. They offer four flavors that include Bloody Mary, Lively Lemon, Pink Daisy, and Spicy Ginger. Your foodie friends who love a good cocktail will be in for a treat.

square one organic vodka and mixers
square one organic vodka and mixers

The Bathing Culture Cosmic Rainbow Towel

There is nothing like nice soft bath towels. And it’s something that sometimes people overlook until they really need them. So, it can make a wonderful gift as it’s something you use every single day! And the Bathing Culture Cosmic Rainbow Towels are made of organic cotton, and it makes the most colorful gift.

A Potted Snake Plant

A plant is an amazing gift for someone who is passionate about living organically. Obviously, make sure they are a plant person first. Not everyone wants the responsibility of taking care of a live plant, and if you gift one to someone who doesn’t want that it could really be the worst gift, haha! But, a live plant in a nice pot is otherwise a great gift! A Snake Plant is a great gift as these plants will filter indoor air, remove toxic pollutants, can help with allergies, and will help enhance the energy of a space. Plus, they are very easy to care for!

Organic Gifts Under $150

Makemake Organics Cotton Throw

This is my absolute favorite throw blanket. We have multiple of them in the house. I have one in the bedroom and three in the living room! These blankets are made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. They are a medium weight, so they are great for getting cozy on the couch. I also use one for extra warmth on top of my comforter at night. Plus, John John loves it, and he loves getting snuggly with it. This is a very thoughtful and useful gift that someone will love!

makemake organics cotton throw

Dry Farm Wines

Booze is always a good idea – for those that drink it. Dry Farm Wines makes organic wine that ships everywhere. Their growers all use organic, regenerative, and dry farming practices. And all their wines are fermented completely dry with less than 1 gram of sugar per liter! So, that makes their wines sugar free, organic, vegan, keto, and paleo friendly! Check out their gift boxes!

Organic Prairie Gift Box

There is nothing like the gift of organic meat. Be that steaks, pork, chicken, and more. Food is always something that makes a great gift because everyone has to eat. And if you are purveyor of organic goods, then food is a big deal – a big deal! Organic Prairie makes it easy to buy the best organic meat online and have it shipped right to your door. Organic Prairie has amazing gift boxes from the Bacon & Steak Gift Box to the Meal Maker Gift Box, they have amazing organic meat boxes!

Plus, they also have gift cards as well. And an Organic Prairie Gift Card is an amazing holiday gift! They start at $25 and go up from there, so even if your budget is on the lower end, you can still give the gift of good food!

garlic steak crostini

Nuts.com Organic Everything Gift Basket

I love Nuts.com and I have been shopping there for a long time as they have always had organic ingredients. They have an amazing Organic Everything Gift Basket that is full of organic goodies! It has organic peanut butter, nuts, chocolate, and candy. And food is always a good idea, especially around the holidays when there is always extra friends and family around.

organic gifts for everyone on your list, best organic holiday presents, easy organic gifts

Organic Holiday Pajamas

Get your family matching holiday pajamas made with organic cotton! This organic holiday pajama set is made with organic cotton and there are options for men, women, kids, and dogs!

Feed Market Tote

The Feed Market Tote is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and it makes an amazing grocery bag, beach bag, or overall bag you can use for anything. It also provides 50 meals to children in need. This is the ultimate gift for someone who cares about food and helping others!

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