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How to Make Burgers Healthy

With grilling season in full swing, burgers have probably been a staple in your house. At least I know they have been in mine! I love burgers, but especially during summertime. But, how to make burgers healthy may be on your mind if you’re eating them all the time.

I’m sharing my top tips and tricks for how to make burgers healthy so you can keep grilling all summer long. Burgers can be healthy, and they can be part of your weekly menu if you use these tips and tricks for how to make burgers healthy!

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Use Organic Grassfed Beef

Organic grassfed beef will make the healthiest burger! Organic meat is always your best option as it’s free of GMO’s and the animals are not fed feed that was grown with chemicals. But grassfed beef has even more benefits such as higher amounts of Vitamin A, E, and antioxidants. It can also be really good for your gut. So, always buy organic grassfed beef. My favorite is Organic Prairie Grassfed Beef.

Use Organic Cheese

Organic cheese is much better for you than conventional cheese because the milk is organic. Organic Valley makes the best American Cheese for burgers!

Grill With Organic Lean Meat

If you’re making burgers part of your weekly menu, try making organic turkey burgers or chicken burgers for more lean protein. Try my Loaded Turkey Burgers, Chicken Taco Burgers, my Grilled Turkey Burgers.

healthy lamb burgers

Add Lots of Organic Veggies

Burgers can be very healthy if you load them up with organic veggies! The difference between a plain burger with ketchup and one with veggies is a lot of nutrients! Make sure you are adding organic veggies to each and every burger. Lettuce, kale, cabbage, tomato, grilled onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, pickles, avocado — these all count!

Make a Burger Sourdough Sandwich

We do this all the time, simply because we can’t buy organic hamburger buns at the grocery store here. So, if I don’t stock up online or, I don’t make my own, we don’t have buns. Burger buns can have many more calories than a slice of sourdough bread. So, if you’re eating your burger on a slice of sourdough instead of a bun, you could be saving calories. Plus, sourdough bread is much healthier than a white burger bun.

Make a Burger Salad or Lettuce Wrap

Omitting the bun from your burger can make it a lot healthier because you simply need to eat more veggies with it! Try my Salsa Verde Burger Bowl or Avocado Lettuce Wrap Burgers for a different take on a burger that is equally delicious!

avocado lettuce wrap burgers, healthy burger

Limit Condiments

Condiments are a huge part of burgers, yes, I know. But, if you add too many or too much, you’re eating so many extra empty calories and sugar. Try adding just a small squiggle of your favorite condiment either on the bun or on the burger itself and leave it at that. Don’t dip your burger in condiments as that can lead to excess sugar and calories.

Serve Healthy Sides

If you’re eating burgers often, make sure you’re serving them with healthy sides instead of just French fries all the time. Try my Garlic Lemon Sweet Potato Fries or Roasted Veggies for a healthier take on fries. Or, serve your burger with a salad like my Simple Green Salad.

garlic lemon sweet potato fries

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