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Healthy Halloween Candy Roundup

As we go into the first Halloween ever where there may be no trick-or-treating…crazy I know; you may be looking for some candy to buy for yourself since you won't be able to steal from your kids. Or, you may be wanting to purchase some Halloween candy that is actually good, that you can give your kids! Every year, I have many regular customers that allow their kids to trick-or-treat, then they take the candy away from them and replace it with candy or treats from the bakery. That literally means the world to me! It means these customers agree with everything we promote, and they are trying to give their kids better desserts.

So in this post I am doing a healthy Halloween candy roundup. I want to share with you all of my favorite candy! Yes, I still eat candy people, duh! I just eat candy that is organic and free of artificial colors and preservatives. I am pretty limited in what I can personally eat as far as candy goes, because of my severe allergy to tapioca. Many organic candies use tapioca in some form, it's kinda crazy how many have it. But, I am giving you all the goods here as I'm oh so familiar with all the candy that has tapioca because it's mostly all the gummy candy, and Delaney is a gummy candy fiend – so it's always in our house! And a little history, gummy candy is actually how I found out I was allergic to tapioca! So, trust me – I've eaten it all and know how good it is! Here's my healthy Halloween candy roundup.

Gummy Candy

Okay, since we're on the gummy topic we'll start there. Gummy candy is actually fairly easy to find organic versions that are just as tasty or better than the original versions. If you like Swedish Fish then get these organic Delish Fish by Surf Sweet instead. And if you love gummy worms, our Gummy Worms are just as good! Black Forest also makes organic gummy bears.

organi gummy worms

Candy Corn

It is not Halloween without candy corn! Yum Earth makes the best organic candy corn, find it here. Growing up I loved decorating for Halloween, because my mom bought candy corn and the candy pumpkins to put in a small candy dish in the foyer with pumpkins. I would casually walk by it and nibble on a candy corn as often as I could! While candy corn has never been a candy I can eat a ton of, it's still very nostalgic for this time of year and I like to eat a few. And this organic candy corn tastes exactly like the real thing.

Yum Earth organic candy corn


Wiley Wallaby makes soft eating Australian licorice that is organic. Delaney approved this one for you guys because it has tapioca in it, but he told me I was seriously missing out. Find their variety pack here, that includes strawberry, mixed berry, tropical and black licorice.

Darrell Lea is not organic, BUT – they do have some products that are made without artificial colors. This is my favorite licorice because it does not have tapioca in it, so I can actually eat it! I am obsessed with their new grape twists, get them here. And I also buy the soft eating Strawberry Licorice. Their soft eating black licorice actually has caramel color, so I stay away from that one.

Yum Earth is the best licorice if you are gluten free. Thea actually showed me this one a while ago, and as someone who is a licorice snob and who eats wheat, I'd eat this! They also have some really good flavors like Peach and Pomegranate, find it here.

Fruity Candy

Do you like skittles? Giggles are literally organic skittles! I am not kidding when I say they taste identical and have the exact same texture! You want to get some of these, trust me you will not be disappointed. Find them here. They also make mini packs, which is perfect for handing out next Halloween.

organic halloween candy roundup

Jelly Beans

Did you used to eat Jelly Belly's? I did! When I first got my license one of the things I was so excited about was I could drive to buy my own sweets. And Mom could not stop me anymore! I would make weekly trips up to Sweet Street, the local ice cream parlor, not to get ice cream, but to purchase green jelly beans from their massive Jelly Belly display. Only the green ones, and not the light green ones or the dark green ones but the Kelly green ones. I honestly don't even remember what flavor it was, I think it was Apple though. I would fill my vintage gum ball machine with them (that I still have), and I'd sit in my room and get stoned and eat as many jelly beans as I wanted. Buy them here.

Fruit Chews

Mambas – I know, I know these are not organic. BUT, Mambas are made without any artificial colors. And that's one of the reasons it was a candy I was allowed to eat growing up. I still buy Mambas today when I'm craving them! These are my go to fruity candy when I crave something sweet, get them here. And they have tropical flavors now too, the pineapple coconut is so good! Get the tropical Mambas here.

organic halloween candy roundup

And If you like Starburst, Chewie Fruities are very similar. They aren't as hard, so that's a plus. Even though these are organic, I prefer Mambas over these any day. Maybe it's because they are so much more nostalgic. But, these are really good too and we also sell them at the bakery. You can find them online here.

Sour Candy

Yum Earth makes these things called Sour Beans. They are similar to a jelly bean and you can buy them in small little packets, find here.

Chewie Fruities also have sour versions, Sour Cherry, Sour Apple, Sour Berry… find here.

My brother was obsessed with anything sour and anything in a rope style growing up. I would always give him all my ropes of any kind, as they do not interest me. But, I did buy these Sour Ropes recently and had Delaney test them out – and they are approved!

Sour gummy bears – do not worry, I would not leave these out! Project 7 (who makes the Sour Ropes) also makes Sour Gummy Bears, find them here.


Lollipops were probably the bore of my trick-or-treat bag. Probably because I got them at the doctor and the bank, both boring places. I always felt like when people gave you a dum dum for Halloween, they were just cheating you in some way. But, that doesn't mean that lollipops aren't delicious, haha. Yum Earth makes some yummy little lollipops. Berry and fruity flavors like Watermelon, Strawberry, Grape, Mango Tango, Cherry, Peach, and Razzmatazz Berry, find them here.

Hard Candies

Yum Earth has a Lemon Hard Candy, find it here.


Cocomels makes organic caramel candy that is actually dairy free. They are really good! They have a few different flavors like original, vanilla, sea salt, and espresso. Find them here.

Chocolate Bars

Theo Chocolate bars are one of my faves. They have so many amazing flavors, but of course, my favorite is the Dark Chocolate Coconut. This would be the equivalent of receiving a king size candy bar as a kid!

organic halloween candy roundup

Peanut Butter Cups

Hand's down Justin's makes the best mini peanut butter cups, regular sized too. These are literally better than the popular brand you probably know. They make them with dark chocolate too! Find here.

Chocolate Candy

If you like M&M's, then. you'll love Unreal Candy's Milk Chocolate Gems. They are basically a better M&M.

organic chocolate gems

Mounds & Almond Joy

If you love Mounds bars or Almond Joy, then you'll love the Theo's Coconut Bites. There's plain coconut (which would be like Mounds) and then there's Coconut Salted Almond (which would be like Almond Joy). I literally always have these things in my pantry ALL THE TIME. They are one of my all time favorite candies. And even though I've made my own Mounds Bars before, simply not having to make them sometimes it just amazing.

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