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Easter Cheeseboard

This Easter Cheeseboard has everything you need, protein, fruit, veggies, dip, carbs, and candy! This easy appetizer will be a huge hit at your Easter gathering with both kids and adults!

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easter cheeseboard

Why You'll Love This Recipe

My mom pretty much made cheeseboards (in some form) for every single holiday. And Easter is just another holiday where a cheeseboard makes the perfect snack or appetizer. You can pretty much make a cheeseboard for any occasion (as my mom taught me), which is why I love them.

The best thing about cheeseboards is they are so adaptable and freeform. You can really use whatever you have in your pantry. Though I like to use seasonal ingredients for the time of year, I also try to make my cheeseboard fit the holiday or occasion as well. So for Easter, I was going for a light and pastel looking cheeseboard. I actually found these organic greek yogurt covered pretzels, and I am obsessed with them! And of course, I found organic jelly beans and some organic bunny gummies that make this board extra festive. It's challenging to find organic candy for holidays sometimes, but don't worry I got you!

You can also use other ingredients in place of ones I used if you don't have them, or if you prefer. Other ingredients that would go really well with this cheeseboard would be: hummus, pistachios, almonds, red grapes, pretzels, cucumbers, broccoli, radishes, raspberries, strawberries, brie, or any other type of cheese you like.

easter cheeseboard

Tips for Making the Best Easter Cheeseboard

• Prepare your Dill Dip ahead of time. My Dill Dip recipe is so easy to make, but it makes preparing your board on Easter day that much easier if it's already made. You can make this up to a few days in advance and store it in the fridge. You could also use a hummus instead as well.

• When creating a cheeseboard, make sure you have a large enough board to fit everything, but not too large that it won't fill it up. You can always add more fruit, nuts, or crackers to fill up a larger board.

• I like to start by putting my centerpiece in the middle of the board (in this case, it's the Dill Dip). Then, I like to add things to the corners next, which makes it easier to fill in the middle with everything else.

• You can prep this ahead of time as well by adding the dip, fruits, cheese, and veggies to the board. Cover it with plastic wrap and store in the fridge. Remove it when ready to serve and add the crackers, yogurt pretzels, and candy.

easter cheeseboard
easter cheeseboard

Easter Cheeseboard

Recipe by MimiDifficulty: Easy



This Easter Cheeseboard is loaded with fresh fruits and veggies, dill dip, and is sprinkled with some organic Easter candy.



  • Prepare the Dill Dip ahead of time, this can be done even up to a couple days in advance.
  • Prepare the board by adding the Dill Dip to a small bowl in the center. Add the jelly beans to another small bowl.
  • Fill the board with the remaining items: gummies, grapes, yogurt covered pretzels, carrots, cashews, cantaloupe, blueberries, crackers, and white cheddar cheese.
  • Serve immediately.


  • Gluten Free – Use gluten free crackers or pretzels.
  • High Altitude – Follow the recipe as noted.

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