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Difference Between Cherry and Grape Tomatoes

Tomato season is from June through September, so we have officially been in tomato season for a little bit already. So you have probably noticed that there have been tomatoes all over the Farmer's Market and your grocery store produce section (just a little more than usual). While Roma Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes are more popular types, that can be found year round for the most part, you may be noticing more Heirloom Tomatoes and even Grape Tomatoes right now too.

difference between cherry and grape tomatoes

So, you may be wondering – what is the difference between Cherry and Grape Tomatoes? They are both small, they are both red, and they are both tomatoes. So, what's the difference? While there are red options for both Grape and Cherry Tomatoes, they also both come in a variety of colors as well such as orange and yellow! However, these colors aren't as common.

How do you tell Cherry and Grape tomatoes apart?

The easiest way to tell the difference between Cherry and Grape tomatoes is the shape. While they are both small and round-ish, Cherry tomatoes resemble the shape of a cherry – being round. And Grape tomatoes resemble the shape of grapes, being more oblong or oval shaped. Cherry tomatoes also are usually found on the vine at the grocery store, while grape tomatoes are usually sold in a tub.

difference between cherry and grape tomatoes

Do Cherry and Grape tomatoes taste different?

As with all fruits and veggies, everything will vary in taste slightly due to growing and harvesting processes. But, Cherry tomatoes are known to be on the sweeter side compared to grape tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes also have a higher water content than Grape tomatoes and a more soft or squishy texture, they kinda burst in your moth right away. And you may notice that when you cut them in half, they ooze a lot of water.

On the other side, Grape tomatoes have a more meaty and chewy center. They are not as sweet as Cherry tomatoes. But, because of their thicker skin they are known to have a longer shelf life.

Which are better Cherry or Grape tomatoes?

This comes down to personal preference. Only you can decide if you like Cherry or Grape tomatoes better. Just like all fruits and veggies, I always think that the growing and harvesting makes a big difference. You may find you get a batch of Cherry tomatoes one day that's great, and then one that isn't so great. That's just what happens with produce sometimes. So, give both of these tomatoes a try!

difference between cherry and grape tomatoes

Can you replace Cherry tomatoes with Grape tomatoes?

I say yes, you can use these tomatoes interchangeably if need be. However, they do have slightly different flavors and textures. Try to use what the recipe calls for. But, unless you're making a dish where the tomato is the star, I think you are fine to use these interchangeably if you cannot find one or the other at the grocery store.

Why go organic?

You may be wondering why I push organic ingredients for everything, even savory and healthy dishes. Organic ingredients go beyond just health and wellness, and contribute so much to the taste and flavor of a recipe. So, if you think that you're making something healthy and buying fruits, veggies, or meats so maybe you don't need to spend the extra to go organic here – let me sway your thinking.

Organic ingredients are made in a more pure way, therefore using no additives, no GMOs, and minimal ingredients. This really allows the true ingredients to shine – and because of that their flavor shines through. Therefore, organic ingredients are more flavorful than their non organic counterparts. So, just because it's already a healthy recipe, or you're already buying good for you ingredients – it doesn't mean you can skip organic! Trust me here, and make the switch. Your body and your taste buds will thank you!

So, I highly recommend that you buy the best organic ingredients for this recipe! You can also shop my Amazon Storefront for all my favorite organic ingredients here. Tip – hover over each ingredient to see the name. And if you want to learn more about organic foods and the difference, read my post here on Food Labels and What They Mean.

difference between cherry and grape tomatoes

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