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Best Organic Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably thinking of buying chocolate for your husband, wife, friend, brother, girlfriend, dad, or even yourself! With a holiday centered around love and chocolate (because let’s be real), you should really be buying the best organic chocolate for Valentine’s Day!

organic chocolate hearts in the shape of a heart

Showing people your love is a wonderful thing, especially when sweet treats are involved! But, to really give love through sweets you should be conscious of buying organic chocolates. But, why does organic chocolate matter?

Organic chocolate matters just like organic milk, butter, wheat, and sugar. Everything grown on a farm is a big deal to buy organic. Not only are the crops cared for organically, meaning no synthetic pesticides and no GMOs, but organic farmers also care for the land as well. And in the cocoa bean industry, organic farming is a big deal for our environment.

Experts estimate that 70% of the country’s illegal deforestation is related to cocoa farming, according to worldwidelife.org. That’s insane! So buying organic chocolate, fair trade chocolate, and regenerative chocolate is a big deal if you care about the environment, especially on a holiday centered around chocolate!

best organic chocolate for valentine's day

Plus, if you’re buying chocolate for someone you love, don’t you want to treat them to an indulgence they can feel good about eating, one that is free of harmful GMOs, synthetic pesticides, and artificial colors? Yes!

So today I’m rounding up the best organic Valentine’s Day chocolate! Everything for homemade to store bought. I got you covered for the best organic chocolate for Valentine’s Day that makes a perfect gift for your loved ones or even for yourself!

Dark Chocolate Almond Hearts

My Dark Chocolate Almond Hearts are one of my favorite picks for Valentine’s Day as they have just three ingredients: organic dark chocolate, organic almonds, and natural pink sprinkles! If you want to make homemade chocolates, this is is the best organic Valentine’s Day chocolate because they are hear shaped!

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Lake Champlain Organic Chocolate Hearts

If you don’t want to make your own chocolate hearts, and instead want to by them, then Lake Champlain has the best organic chocolate hearts! They have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, raspberry truffle, and caramel! There is something for everyone, and they come in the cutest little gift bag too. Get their Organic Assorted Chocolate Hearts Bag, Organic Dark Chocolate Hearts, Organic Milk Chocolate Hearts, Organic Raspberry Truffle Chocolate Hearts, and Organic Milk Chocolate Caramel Hearts!

best organic chocolate for valentine's day
best organic chocolate for valentine's day

Alter Eco Organic Regenerative Chocolate Bars

Alter Eco is doing it right, they make organic and regenerative chocolate bars! While they don’t have any Valentine’s specific shapes, they do have amazing flavors that your Valentine will love!

Flavors like Quinoa Crunch, Truffle Thins Classic Dark, and Total Blackout are Valentine’s enough for me with! Plus, their Mint Truffles are a great after dinner treat leave your breath fresh and kissable!

best organic chocolate for valentine's day
best organic chocolate for valentine's day
best organic chocolate for valentine's day

Chocolate Cream Drops

My Chocolate Cream Drops are for the ultimate chocolate lover. Delaney could not get enough of these when I made them, and he was literally protective of them when I wanted to give some to friends. That is how good they are! And their adorable kiss shape will make your Valentine swoon!

recipe for chocolate cream drops

Pink Peppermint Ice

So, believe it or not, not everyone likes chocolate! I know, it’s sad but totally true. And, my Pink Peppermint Ice is the perfect organic Valentine’s Day chocolate that is not chocolate – it’s white chocolate! This is a copycat version of the iconic Fannie May candy that my mom would get for me on special occasions, Valentine’s Day included! These are so insanely easy to make, and they are festive and perfect for the non chocolate lover.

pink peppermint ice

Moo Chocolate Peanut Butter Minis

Moo Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Bars are the perfect Valentine’s Day treat! Not only are they organic, but they are everyone’s favorite combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Plus, they are a little festive with the red and white wrapping.

best organic chocolate for valentine's day

Dark Chocolate Coconut Squares

My Dark Chocolate Coconut Squares make the perfect Valentine’s Day chocolate! Their little square shape makes them seem extra fancy, while they are in fact, very easy to make! If you have a chocolate and coconut lover in your life, then this is the best organic Valentine’s Day chocolate for them!

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