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Best Organic Acne Safe Makeup

It’s hard enough when you’re trying to buy the best organic makeup for your skin. Add acne troubles into the mix and the list only gets smaller and smaller of possible products to use. So, I’m sharing the best organic acne safe makeup!

The main thing when looking for acne safe makeup is knowing it is free of pore clogging ingredients. Thanks to Clearstem for making it really easy to check with their Pore Clogging Ingredients Checker!

best orgnaic acne safe makeup

As someone who grew up with clear skin and had clear skin my whole life, having a bout with hormonal acne really hit my ego hard! I had to re-think all my favorite organic makeup that I had used for years, and that was really hard as you become attached to products you like and your routine.

When I was struggling with breakouts at first, this ingredient checker on Clearstem was such a lifesaver! You can just plug-in your ingredients and check right there. And they even say if you’re using organic products with pore clogging ingredients, you’ll just have organic pimples. I love this as it’s very true but also something you may need to hear.

And if you’re looking for acne safe makeup, make sure your face wash and moisturizer is free of pore clogging ingredients too! You can trust Clearstem products for that and can use code MIMIBAKES for 15% off!

I’m going to share this list for the best organic acne safe makeup by category and not by brand. This is because some brands can make some makeup that has pore clogging ingredients and some that doesn’t. So just because you’re buying one thing from a specific brand, doesn’t mean all their other products are safe! Always be sure to check ingredients for pore clogging ingredients and for organic and natural ingredients. Or, just go off my trusted list below and may you skin be clear and feel amazing!

Tinted Moisturizer


Clearstem just came out with a Tinted Moisturizer and I just tried it, I love it! All their products are free of pore clogging ingredients, so they are one of the companies you can buy anything from and be safe! This has SPF 50 in it, which is the highest SPF I’ve found. Use code MIMIBAKES for 15% off! The only bummer here is they just have one shade, so it may not work for everyone.

clearstem discount code


I’ve used Coola for years, and I really like their BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer! They have three shades, and this is very light on your skin! It also has SPF 30 which is great as that way you don’t forget SPF. I use this after moisturizer each morning to have a layer of SPF and usually this is all I need as I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup!

100% Pure

I’ve been using the 100% Pure All Over Glow for the longest time. I love its shimmer, and how light it feels on your face. They have two shades, and the ingredients are free of pore clogging ingredients. I don’t use it as much anymore because the Coola and Clearstem have the SPF benefit, but I do really like this one. And it’s nice in the winter during the holidays or for a party.

best orgnaic acne safe makeup


Ere Perez

The Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation is natural liquid foundation that has really good coverage if you need more than tinted moisturizer. This foundation feels light on your face and it’s really good for covering up anything!


PRIIA just came out with a Velvet Foundation. This looks really nice, but unfortunately, I am not able to test it out as it has tapioca in it, which I am allergic to! But, this is free of pore clogging ingredients, and I love all their other products!


Olga’s Organics

Olga’s Organics is the first certified USDA Organic makeup! I’m so excited for this as I hope it means more makeup brands will start becoming certified. They make amazing eyeshadows with just four ingredients! I’m obsessed. My favorite shade is Ursa.

Giselle Cosmetics

I recently found Giselle Cosmetics Eyeshadow when Olga’s was sold out of my favorite shade. I bought a bunch because they have a ton of colors! The ingredients are very similar to Olga’s and I really like it! My favorite shades are Bronze Star, Tangerine, Brushed Light Copper, Nude Coco, and Orange Rose Pastel.

makeup brushes, the best organic acne safe makeup


Olga’s Organics

Again, I love Olga’s Organics because it’s USDA Certified Organic! Their blush is just like their eyeshadow with just a few ingredients, and I love it! You can also use the blush as eyeshadow, which I’ve also done.


I just found PRIIA after listening to a podcast with the Clearstem founders. They swear by this makeup brand, so I ordered some to try it out. PRIIA is another brand that claims acne safe products, so you can shop with confidence on their site as everything is acne safe. I just bought the Flamingo and Passion Flower Blush and I’m loving it! This is the most vibrant blush I have found and I really like it for summer.



PRIIA makes a great acne safe bronzer. They have a nice range of shades and it’s free of pore clogging ingredients. This is my favorite one I’ve found so far, and It’s what I’m using right now.

Luxury by Sofia

This Luxury by Sofia a very budget friendly and clean bronzer! I was surprised by the price and how nice it is. This also is not loose powder like so many others. Most acne safe makeup is mineral based so it’s loose, and this one is so nice because it’s more like traditional makeup. So that’s a bonus if it’s what you’re looking for. It’s a matte color versus a shimmer, so depends on what you prefer. And it also is a great bronzer for your purse as it has a mirror in the compact too!


I recently found this INIKA Bronzer and it has very few ingredients, all of which won’t clog your pores. I bought this one and tried it recently and I love the color! This one is in between the shimmer of the PRIIA and the matte of the Luxury by Sofia.


100% Pure

The 100% Pure Mascara has organic ingredients and is free of pore clogging ingredients. I don’t know if mascara matters as much, but hey, it can get on your face!

Juice Beauty

The Juice Beauty Mascara is also a good option with similar ingredients.

Mom’s Secret

The Mom's Secret Mascara has minimal organic ingredients too and is free of pore clogging ingredients. Plus, you can buy it on Amazon.

best orgnaic acne safe makeup

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