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15 Signs You are Dog Mom AF

Being Dog Mom AF is more than just a title—it's a way of life characterized by boundless love, unwavering dedication, and endless cuddles with your fur baby! Embracing the role of a dog mom means going above and beyond just a dog owner to ensure that your dog is cared for in the best ways possible!

It means celebrating their milestones, comforting them during times of distress, and providing them with the love and care they need to not just survive but to thrive! From planning elaborate birthday parties complete with Blueberry Peanut Butter Dog Cake to spoiling them with toys and belly rubs, being Dog Mom AF is a testament to the deep bond and unwavering devotion we share with our dogs. So, here’s 15 signs that you are Dog Mom AF. You’ve pushed the title of just dog owner aside and have taken it to whole new level!

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1. You have over a dozen nicknames for your dog other than their given name and they answer to all.

Yes, while your dog many have one give name (or even two), they really have 20 different names that are variations of their name or even something completely different. John John Sushi Council, is John John's full name. But, he's most known as Beanie Baby, Little Bean, Pugger, Pug Pie, Pug Cake, Cakey, Muchkin, Smushy… and the list goes on.

2. You believe your dogs are your children.

While you may or may not have actual children, if you are Dog Mom AF then your dogs are treated like kids. They are babied, talked to, dressed up, cooked for, and so much more!

3. You cook homemade food for your dog.

If you're Dog Mom AF then you know that your dog deserves the best food and that means real food. No kibble in your house! Be sure to check out all of John John's favorite recipes here.

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4. You talk to your dog regularly as if they’re a person.

And then you respond to yourself in a voice you decided your dog would sound like if they did actually talk. If you're Dog Mom AF then you have a specific voice that you have deemed as your “dog's voice” and you literally talk to yourself all day long.

5. You have matching sweaters, bandanas, pajamas, and more.

If you're Dog Mom AF you have matching pajamas, sweaters, bandanas and more. Any chance you have to match with your dog you go all out! Shop my Dog Collection for more!

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6. Your dog has multiple dog beds, but they sleep in yours.

While all the lucky dogs sleep in the bed, there's still different levels of it. If you're Dog Mom AF then you snuggle your dog in bed and they are allowed under the covers, on the pillows, or even to take up more space than you!

7. You buy your dog presents for all the holidays.

Of course you buy your dog presents for all the major holidays just like you would if you had kids! Your dog gets an Easter basket, Christmas stocking, and Valentine's Day treats!

8. You celebrate your dog’s birthdays with cake and a party.

One of the most fun things about being Dog Mom AF is celebrating your dog's birthday with cake and a party! You get to invite all your other crazy dog mom friends over and their dogs and everyone gets to eat cake! Try our Blueberry Peanut Butter Dog Cake for your next party!

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9. You make play dates with other dogs and their parents.

If you are Dog Mom AF then you seek out other dog moms, make friends with them, and then plan play dates around your dogs schedules. (Duh, of course your dog has a schedule, you can't interrupt nap time!).

10. You ask your dog what they want to do on the weekends, as if they could answer you.

When you talk to your dog regularly, of course you're going to ask them what they want to do on the weekends. You'll watch as they look at you with intent eyes, tilting their head at the sound of your voice. While you may “make plans” with them, you know that they are happy to do anything you want so long as you're together!

11. You dress up your dog for Halloween.

When Halloween rolls around, all the dog mom's out there will plan matching costumes for them and their dogs!

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12. Your phone has more photos of your dog than anything else.

If you're Dog Mom AF then the only thing that's really on your phone are photos and videos of your dog! For every 100 of your dog there may be one of your significant other or a friends.

13. Dog hair is an everyday accessory that you don’t leave home without.

When you are Dog Mom AF, dog hair is an everyday accessory that you never leave home without! Your dog is always snuggling or touching you in some way, so of course all your dark clothes are covered in dog hair!

14. You plan your vacations to pet friendly places.

Because it’s not a vacation without your bestie! You can't travel without your dog – blasphemy! You meticulously plan your vacations to dog friendly Air BNBs or hotels so your dog can come and is comfortable in every way!

15. You've canceled plans to hang out with your dog.

We all know that if you're Dog Mom AF that you have definitely canceled plans, more than once, simply to stay home and hang with your dog! If my dog can't come, sorry I can't come either.

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