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10 Labor Day Party Recipes to Bring as a Hostess Gift

Labor Day is going to be here before you know it! And while Labor Day was created to pay tribute to the American Workers, it's basically known as the last hurrah before summer ends. Either way, it's a great reason to celebrate with friends and family.

labor day party outside dining

Were you invited to a barbecue, a cookout, or just a party? Growing up, my mom always told me to never show up to someone's house empty handed. So, I have always brought a hostess gift in the form of food. My go to is cookies, or dessert of any kind. It's what I've always brought and now it's what people expect me to bring!

Usually I will bring my desserts in an eco friendly bakery box. That way I'm not worried about loosing a sentimental dish or having something of mine I like get broken. And I transfer it to something at my friends house when I get there. It also makes it easy for me to leave without having to worry if all the pie is gone! But, if you are attending a party and looking for something to bring along with a gift then it's very easy to bring something homemade that also includes a piece of kitchenware as a gift to the hostess.

So today I got you covered today with 10 Labor Day Party Recipes that can also double as a hostess gift! With each recipe, you can bring it inside something that would make a very sweet and thoughtful hostess gift. I mean everyone could use another pie dish or cookie platter, right? Especially your friends who are always hosting! Check out my 10 Labor Day Party Recipes to Bring as a Hostess Gift. I include links to things you can buy as an inexpensive gift that will leave your host with something to use the next time they throw a party!

1. Homemade Lemonade

While Labor Day is known as the end of summer, there is no better time to whip up a batch of Homemade Lemonade. Having homemade lemonade on hand is a great option for people who may not drink alcohol and for kids. If you are hosting a Labor Day party, then you can make this ahead of time and store it in a pitcher in the fridge. If you are attending a Labor Day party, you can just bring your pitcher with you! And, if you want to buy a pitcher and make the lemonade to bring, you can include the pitcher as a hostess gift!

glass of homemade lemonade with ice and lemons in the back

2. Honey Lemon Apple Pie

My Honey Lemon Apple Pie is a crowd pleaser! This take on traditional apple pie is one that everyone will love. If you are hosting, you can bake this pie up to one day ahead of time, and just leave it out on the counter to cool. You can reheat it in a 350°F for 10 or so minutes until it's warmed up. If you are attending a Labor Day party, you can also bake this pie ahead of time as well and take it with you the following day. Turn this pie into a hostess gift and purchase a cute pie dish to leave at your hosts house.

honey lemon apple pie sliced with apples and lemons

3. Garlic Ranch Pretzels

These Garlic Ranch Pretzels are such a crowd pleaser every time I make them. And, they are so easy to make! Add these pretzels into a sweet glass jar, such as this, and it makes an amazing hostess gift and snack that everyone will love!

bowl of garlic ranch pretzels

4. Mango Guacamole

This 3 ingredient Mango Guacamole is so easy to make, it only has 3 simple ingredients! Plus, everyone loves guacamole and you can bring along a bag of chips to serve for a crowd pleasing snack. When you make the Mango Guacamole, you can put it into a decorative bowl with a lid to bring it over. Leave the bowl with your host as a sweet gift – everyone could always use more Tupperware! And this Tupperware is so cute, your host will be seriously impressed.

3 ingredient mango guacamole

5. Homemade Maraschino Cherries

Homemade Maraschino Cherries are an amazing hostess gift. If your host is making cocktails, you can bring a couple jars of these to use as garnishes. If there's leftovers, it's a great gift as they'll keep in the fridge for later use. Plus, the little jars are so cute, they can be reused again and again by your host.

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6. Traditional Butter Pound Cake

A loaf cake is an amazing dessert to bring to a party because it's super simple to bake. Plus, loaf cakes can easily be cut with no fuss at all. My Traditinoal Buter Pound Cake is a great cake to make during summer when berries are in season as they make a great topping. So, this is the perfect time to bake this adorable loaf cake. Make this a gift for your host by baking this in a beautiful loaf pan, and leave the pan with your host. This white ceramic loaf pan is very inexpensive, and it's adorable!

pound cake without leavening, traditional butter pound cake recipe,

7. Healthy Ranch Pasta Salad

This Healthy Ranch Pasta Salad is so easy to make. Plus, it's great for a Labor Day party as it can be served as a side that goes well with grilling. If you'd like to make this into a hostess gift, try adding this into a large glass bowl with a lid. Anyone who cooks and hosts knows that glass serving bowls with a lid are gold! Your host will be impressed with not only your salad, but the fact that they got an amazing glass bowl to use forever. And, if you buy this set you can use one bowl to gift and keep the rest for you!

bowl of ranch pasta salad with serving tongs

8. Orange Carrot Ginger Cake

Cake is always a good idea! Especially to end an evening with friends. My Carrot Orange Ginger Cake is an amazing end to a meal, as it's very light and has a hint of ginger. You can bake this cake ahead of time and bring it over to your host in a beautiful cake dome. This is an inexpensive gift that seems really thoughtful and fancy. Not many people own a cake dome, but it is so incredibly useful! So I'm sure you'll be surprising your host with this very thoughtful gift. Cake domes can be used for cakes, cupcakes, muffins, bread, cookies or anything that you'd like to keep fresh! Mine is on my island at all times with some kind of baked good inside. However, my friend Kimmy uses hers for bread daily!

orange ginger carrot cake on a plate with fresh oranges

9. Dill Dip & Veggie Platter

My Dill Dip is a crowd pleasing recipe every time I serve it. Delaney is obsessed with this. This homemade dill dip is so easy to make, and it goes well with chips or veggies. Turn this into a gift and purchase some neutral but chic serving bowls, like these. Fill each one with chips or veggies, cover with plastic wrap. Make the Dill Dip and put it back into the sour cream container, and you have instant snacks and a gift!

dill dip and veggie platter

10. Kale Apple Salad

A salad is always a great recipe to bring to a party, as you can always use an extra side dish. My Kale Apple Salad is light and slightly sweet, it would make the perfect addition to a barbecue or compliment many other summer dishes. Turn this into a gift and place it in a cute salad bowl that can be used for serving. Try to keep your salad bowl option neutral (like this one or this one), so it goes with your host's kitchen. Unless of course, you know your host well, and know they have certain colors in their kitchen!

apple kale salad in bowl with a fork and ingredients off to the side

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