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10 Easy Sustainable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is going to be here before you know it! And if you haven’t chosen a costume yet, you may be starting to think about that now. So, I thought I would share a list of 10 Easy Sustainable Halloween Costumes. These easy sustainable Halloween costume ideas are great for both adults and kids!

vintage truck full of pumpkins

Halloween is fun when you get to dress up, but it can be stressful having to go out and buy a costume that you’ll only wear for a day or even a few hours. So, you may trying to think of homemade Halloween costumes or even better, sustainable Halloween costume ideas.

And I got you covered today with these 10 Easy Sustainable Halloween Costumes. These sustainable Halloween costume ideas are ones you can easily make with things you probably already have at home. This eliminates waste as you aren’t going out and buying something that you’ll just end up never wearing again or throwing out.

Plus, if you use what you have, you can spend all that extra dollars you save on some amazing organic Halloween candy! Or splurge and take a trip to the pumpkin patch, do the full farm tour, ride the tracker – or just pocket it for a rainy day.

pumpkins stacked up

1. Farmer

A farmer is a very easy sustainable Halloween costume to make. Wear some overalls, or even just jeans, a plaid woven top, and some boots. If you have a dog, throw a bandana on them and they are your farm dog! I think I’m going to be a farmer this year.

10 easy sustainable halloween costumes

2. Candy Corn

This sustainable Halloween costume was one that I wore one year when I worked at Roxy and I had no costume planned. I had these awesome orange Roxy jeans, and I wore a yellow tee shirt, and a white hat. It was perfect and easy! Plus, I love candy corn so it was an amazing costume to go as a candy corn!

3. Mushroom

This sustainable Halloween costume hails from my mom as she made this costume one Halloween when I was upset she didn’t have a costume! This homemade Halloween costume is very easy to make, I and I bet you already have these things at home. Make this easy sustainable Halloween costume by first finding an umbrella. Wear pants and a top that matches the color of the umbrella, my mom wore white as we had a white umbrella. Use construction paper of any color and cut out circles. Use double stick tape to tape the circles onto the umbrella. You are now a mushroom.

4. Baker

A baker is a very easy sustainable Halloween costume! You can literally wear anything, so long as you throw an apron on! When I'm baking, I'm usually in jeans a tee shirt. Carry a whisk or a spatula with you and stick it in the pocket of your apron. Extra props if you carry around some freshly baked cookies and hand them out. Shop my Butter College Organic T Shirt to complete your look!

10 easy sustainable halloween costumes
10 easy sustainable halloween costumes

5. Green Bean

Be a green bean by wearing all green! This is a very easy sustainable Halloween costume, plus it’s food – which is why I love this idea. This would be great for kids, as if they have a matching green pajama set, then it would work perfectly. Throw on a green hat, and you’re good to go.

6. Milk Man (or woman)

Wear white pants (shorts or skirt) along with a white button down shirt. If you have a black or blue bow tie, then add that too! Add a white hat, and carry around a glass jug of milk. Not sure where to find one? Make sure to pick up a milk jug from Straus Family Creamery – the milk will be totally worth it too!

10 easy sustainable halloween costumes

7. Florist

If you have an apron, throw it on over any clothing you want. Add some flowers from your garden into your pockets, and you are a florist!

8. 80s Personal Trainer

I used this easy sustainable Halloween costume idea one year when we lived down at the beach. I had no costume, and we were invited to a Halloween party last minute, so I threw this one together at the last minute and it was epic!

To make an 80s Personal Trainer Halloween costume, I wore workout leggings, a one-piece bathing suit over them, some tall white socks scrunched up, running shoes, my hair in a ponytail, and a headband. Wear your most loud leggings and bathing suit as neon was big in the 80s!

9. Hippie

If you have a crop top, a tie-dyed shirt, or an allover floral print or rainbow top, then pair it with some jeans and sunglasses and you have a homemade hippie Halloween costume. Add some colorful jewelry, a flower in your hair and a headband. You can even paint or draw a flower or peace sign on your cheek for extra points.

10. Dog Walker

If you have more than one dog, then you can easily be a dog walker. Throw on some sneakers and activewear. If you have a fanny pack, make sure to put some pop bags in it. Bring your doggos and you have an easy sustainable Halloween costume that includes your dogs!

10 easy sustainable halloween costumes

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