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  • Can Dogs Have Strawberries?

    Can Dogs Have Strawberries?

    Strawberries, with their vibrant red hue and sweet flavor, are a beloved summer fruit for many humans. But what about our furry friends? Can dogs have strawberries, and are they safe for them to enjoy? Let’s learn about strawberries and dogs! We'll cover the health benefits and considerations of feeding […]

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  • How to Make True Caramel

    How to Make True Caramel

    Learn how to make True Caramel three different ways. From homemade caramel sauce, to chewy caramels, to caramel hard candy!  If you are looking for more caramel desserts, try some of my other favorites like Salted Caramel Brownies, Simple Salted Caramel Cake, or Banoffee Icebox Cake. What is true caramel?  […]

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  • Can Bananas Ever Be Too Ripe for Baking?

    Can Bananas Ever Be Too Ripe for Baking?

    Bananas, with their vibrant yellow peels and naturally sweet flavor, are a staple fruit in many kitchens. However, as bananas ripen, their texture and taste undergo significant changes, making them a versatile ingredient for baking. Yet, the question remains: can bananas ever be too ripe for baking? Let's dive into […]

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  • 15 Signs You are Dog Mom AF

    15 Signs You are Dog Mom AF

    Being Dog Mom AF is more than just a title—it's a way of life characterized by boundless love, unwavering dedication, and endless cuddles with your fur baby! Embracing the role of a dog mom means going above and beyond just a dog owner to ensure that your dog is cared […]

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  • Can Dogs Have Carrots?

    Can Dogs Have Carrots?

    Carrots are a delicious vegetable that may be part of your every day menu. And your dog may look at you with those sad adorable eyes every time you eat one. So, that may have you wondering, can dogs have carrots? Yes! Carrots are a safe and healthy human food […]

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  • Can Dogs Have Almond Milk?

    Can Dogs Have Almond Milk?

    If you are dairy free, then almond milk may be a staple in your fridge. And, if you have a dog, you may be wondering, can dogs have almond milk? While almond milk might seem like a healthy milk option for dogs because it’s dairy free, dogs actually should not […]

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